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Zugu Case – the top iPad and iPhone accessories brand on Amazon, approached Eventige for brand development consulting to elevate their already successful business. Their primary goal was to enhance their direct-to-consumer (D2C) online presence and increase traffic to their website to attract new customers. They also sought to optimize their search marketing and improve their Google rankings.

Eventige's team of experts created a comprehensive strategy to address Zugu Case's challenges. They designed a new look and feel for the company's eCommerce platform, which included the integration of functional marketing systems and user-generated content programs. Additionally, Eventige provided loading speed optimization and Google search engine rankings optimization for metadata, links, schema, and loading speed.

Thanks to Eventige's efforts, the company's new website was recognized as a "Top Website Design" of the year and was ranked third in the "Best Home Page Design" category by BigCommerce Enterprise store owners that voted.

Zugu Case's D2C online presence was successfully enhanced, resulting in an increase in website traffic and the acquisition of net new customers. The optimization of search marketing and Google SEO rankings also contributed to these results, as Zugu Case achieved higher visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Eventige's brand development consulting helped Zugu Case take their business to the next level and achieve their growth objectives.


It was great working with them, they are very professional and have a great team that was always there for me through the process. End result is that we have an amazing website!!

Tim, Zugu Case

Ecommerce Web-Design Agency Brand Development Tablet View for Phone Accessories
  • Web-Design Agency Product Example for Phone Accessories As Part Of Brand Development

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