Beauty Marketing

Vita Liberata was looking for a globally distributed full-service marketing and brand development agency to support several expansion projects. EMG supported a consolidation of several online web properties, integration of mission-critical compliance and GDPR gates, and developed several custom solutions for integration across the ERP and front-facing website portals.

Teams at EMG continue to support Vita Liberata daily with website enhancements, custom backend programming for multi-currency and multi-site, design for landing pages and new promotions, as well as backend server work connecting email, store locators, and product inventory data. Collaboration extends toward messaging and design, social, and other spectrums of the engagement between EMG and Vita Liberata global.

Beauty Marketing Company Magazine Cover Shoot With Vogue Letters & Tanned Blonde

Beauty Marketing Website Example of ADA Compliance Widget

Fashion Photo of Dark Skin Tint Lotion Behind Back on Beauty Marketing Agency Case Study


Beauty Marketing Agency Case Featuring Amazon Promotion For Vita Brand Feautring Two Ladies Sunless Tanning

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