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Venafi – a cybersecurity firm, needed to launch their new product line called "The Assessor" at the RSA Security Conference. They were looking for a unique way to capture the attention of attendees and generate buzz around the new product.

Venafi engaged Eventige to help create a booth environment that would be both interactive and engaging for attendees. Eventige came up with the idea of an interactive Jeopardy-style game show, which was a unique and innovative way to communicate with attendees.

The agency provided a full range of services including designing and conceptualizing the booth, hiring and training speakers, creating giveaways, and designing print materials. Eventige also created an online promotional strategy with social media integration to increase visibility and awareness.

The program was a huge success, with an almost perfect, 100% participation rate for the jeopardy game show. Venafi's booth received a lot of attention and was voted as "Best Booth of RSA" at the conference. The interactive game show was also an excellent way to capture attendees' attention, emails, and generate buzz around the new product, resulting in increased interest vast increased in scheduled demos with Enterprise merchants.

Cybersecurity Marketing Agency Jeopardy-Style Game Board As Part Of A Cyber-Security Event

  • People Holding A Remote Keypad Control for Cyber-Security Marketing Event
  • Live Event Held by a Cybersecurity Marketing Agency Showing Crowd and a Man Holding a Microphone
  • Two Women Posing During A Cybersecurity Marketing Agency Lecturer

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