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Two Leaves Tea – a prominent tea importer, needed to improve their marketing processes and migrate eCommerce platform from Magento to BigCommerce Enterprise without causing any disruption to their users or internal teams. Additionally, they required marketing systems consultation and implementation that aligned with the website growth goals and anticipated category expansion.

Eventige conducted a thorough audit of the tea market and developed a strategic plan to help Two Leaves Tea achieve their business goals. Eventige provided custom brand development services, print media, email marketing automation, search engine optimization systems, and worked with TLT to enhance marketing automation, inventory processing, and front-facing communications.

To ensure a seamless user experience, Eventige also crafted a user experience that aligned with Two Leaves Tea's corporate goals. By offering a full package of services, Eventige supported Two Leaves Tea in its transition to BigCommerce Enterprise, while improving their marketing processes and enhancing customer experience all at the same time.

Two Leaves Tea's migration to BigCommerce Enterprise was successful without any disruptions to their customers (both retail and wholesale). With the help of Eventige's custom branded theme development on BigCommerce, Two Leaves Tea was also able to stand out among its competitors, increase conversion rates on the website, as well as keep users engaged longer and improved the ordering cycle for wholesale accounts.

The implementation of email marketing automation and search engine optimization systems also increased customer engagement, ultimately leading to improved sales and revenue growth.

Closeup Of Tea Bag In A Cup As Part Of A Full-Service CPG Marketing Agency Beverage Brand Promotion

Image Of Scoop Filled With Chamomile Tea As Part of A CPG Marketing Campaign for A Beverage Brand

CPG Marketing Example of EDDM Direct Mail Flyer Featuring Different Colorful Teas

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