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One of the most recognized tea importers, Two Leaves Tea, came to Eventige to elevate their back-of-house and marketing processes, as well as create an entirely new infrastructure to support that growth. Licenses were coming to an end-of-life term, all the while retail and wholesale operations were rapidly growing, creating a mission-critical need for the brand.

Eventige redeveloped online systems, building on the BigCommerce stencil framework, a transition from the previously self-hosted and custom-built Magento stores. From the custom development of the theme and branding to the backend customization of the business process, Eventige and Two Leaves Tea worked to enhance their marketing, automation, processing, and front-facing communications systems together with EMG.

  • Closeup Of Tea Bag In A Cup As Part Of A Full-Service CPG Marketing Agency Beverage Brand Promotion
  • Tablet View Of Tea Brand Produced By Full-Service CPG Marketing Agency
  • Example Of A Full-Service CPG Marketing Agency's Laptop View Of Tea Brand Website
  • Image Of Scoop Filled With Chamomile Tea As Part of A CPG Marketing Campaign for A Beverage Brand

CPG Marketing Example of EDDM Direct Mail Flyer Featuring Different Colorful Teas

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