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Signitas – a custom jewelry company, wanted to pursue a new fashion marketing direction and reach a wider audience of potential customers, while still remaining true to its collegiate targeting for schools like Columbia, Harvard, Yale, and many others. The also wanted to improve the online ordering process with custom engravings capabilities and artwork upload functions.

To achieve Signitas' goals, Eventige executed a complete overhaul of their online presence and brand identity within a short period of sixty days. Custom BigCommerce development was implemented to enhance the user experience on the website. Additionally, social media and search marketing systems were implemented to help Signitas reach new customers and create brand awareness.

Eventige also developed and optimized a media buying strategy that was launched to ensure that Signitas could reach its target audience effectively. To expand its customer base further, print materials and media were distributed on Harvard's and Yale's campuses, targeting alumni who were likely to be interested in Signitas' unique jewelry products and watches.

The new marketing direction implemented by Eventige resulted in significant improvements for Signitas. The company's online presence and brand identity were refreshed, resulting in better user engagement and higher conversion rates. The media buying strategy was optimized and successfully launched, increasing the brand's visibility and helping to attract new customers.

The print materials and media deployed on Harvard's and Yale's campuses helped Signitas reach a new audience of alumni who were interested in the company's unique jewelry products and watches. Overall, the new marketing direction implemented by Eventige helped Signitas achieve its goals and successfully reach a wider audience, resulting in increased revenue and business growth.


Eventige has been a great partner to our company. They have been able to keep up with the inevitable twists and turns our project has taken with both a quick turnaround and a lot of understanding. I am grateful for their clear and thoughtful communication style and their creative approach.Lora, Signitas

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