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ProVape – an American manufacturing and technology company with a significant following in the vaping industry, faced the challenge of developing a global vape marketing brand strategy to further enhance its brand recognition and boost sales.

EMG teams provided process design, messaging, creative direction, brand positioning, and technical systems development. Loyalty programs, online contests and social media aggregate platforms were also developed to strengthen public opinion, elevate sharing, and create new opportunities for the brand.

Eventige Media Group also provided assistance in developing product packaging, web development, search engine optimization, video production, and social gamification platforms to expand ProVape's reach both online and offline.

The partnership between ProVape and Eventige Media Group yielded significant results. The developed brand strategy successfully boosted ProVape's brand recognition globally and enhanced sales. The introduction of loyalty programs, online contests, and social media aggregate platforms strengthened public opinion and created new opportunities for the brand.

The successful implementation of the global vape marketing brand strategy by ProVape and Eventige Media Group over a period of seven years resulted in increased brand recognition, enhanced sales, and expansion into over 50 countries where ProVape partnered with local distributors and retail partners.


Vape & E-Cigarettes Instagram and Twitter Photos Shown On Computer Laptop
  • Vape Marketing Advertisement Showing Skydiver Holding Vaping Device About To Jump From a Plane
  • E-Cigarette Marketing Advertisement Showing Army Guy Holding A Vape with Promotional Tagline
  • Vaping Company Advertising Campaign Showing Guy with Zombie Makeup Reaching for a Vaping Device

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