ProVape partnered with Eventige Media Group to implement a global brand marketing strategy. An American-Made manufacturing and technology company, ProVape products created a cult-like following in the vaping industry; with Eventige and ProVape collaborating as partners for 7 years. The engagement touched on process design, messaging, creative direction, brand positioning, and technical systems development.

Loyalty programs, online contests and social media aggregate platforms were also developed to strengthen public opinion, elevate sharing, and create new opportunities for the brand. Product packaging, web development, search engine optimization, video production and social gamification platforms led the charge online. ProVape generated 50M in sales during a 3 year period in working with the Eventige Brand Development Division.

Marketing ProVape Product. The Titanium Stealth Google Results For Mod Woman SkyDiving Promotion ProVape Product Mod Promotion For ProVape Mod Advertisement For ProVape

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