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PBH Foods was grappling with the challenge of surging digital media costs, which were taking a toll on their business after a recent re-brand. They were in need of an agency that could provide both technical and creative support.

To tackle the problem, Eventige stepped in and commenced a two-phase approach. In the first phase, Eventige worked alongside PBH Foods to speed up the website, achieve ADA compliance, and reconfigure the Recharge payments backend for a new "Tribe Subscription Club." Additionally, technical SEO was performed on the Shopify store to boost its online visibility.

In phase two, Eventige focused on improving PBH Foods’ Google reputation scores and enhancing visitor on-site times. This was accomplished through a combination of email marketing optimizations with Klaviyo, lead capture with Justuno, and content development for retargeting ads. A new paid media program was also developed to enhance pay-per-click results, which ultimately helped reduce the cost of acquisition for new customers.

The collaboration with Eventige led to transformational results for PBH Foods. The website implementation on Shopify with Recharge and Klaviyo achieved significantly improved online visibility. PBH Foods' Google reputation scores also  improved considerably, and visitors spent more time on the website.

The paid media program was also highly effective, resulting in improved pay-per-click results and a reduced cost of acquisition for net new customers. Business performance improved significantly as a result of the collaboration with Eventige and the implementation of several layers of business process optimization.

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