Client: Passion Planner

Passion Planner turned to Eventige when it was time to develop their brand online. Eventige established a strategic road-map that consisted of design, communication, and a backend development program. The primary goals were to enhance the user experience and providing better content delivery to the high-traffic website serving users worldwide.

Custom application development of back-of-house marketing processes allowed Passion Planner teams to migrate, upgrade, and operate more efficiently. EMG's custom ecommerce solutions allowed for better brand communication across the entire marketing and advertising environment provided increased flexibility of order processing, and generated significant uptick in sales, lowered bounce rates, and faster checkouts with digital wallets.

  • BigCommerce Development Agency Mobile View On Cellphone for Software Developer
  • Image of A Young Woman Writing In A Book
  • Photo Of Calendar Book That A BigCommerce Development Agency Can Replace With Customized Software
  • BigCommerce Developer Agency Desktop View for Software Developer


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