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Passion Planner needed to enhance their online brand and user experience, as their website was receiving over 1 million unique visitors each month. The company wanted to improve content delivery, streamline internal processes, and manage inventory more efficiently.

Eventige developed a strategic roadmap that included design, communication, and eCommerce migration to BigCommerce Enterprise. Eventige also provided a white-glove transition to Klaviyo, Yotpo, and several other marketing and operational systems necessary for the brand to continue scaling its business.

To manage the high volume of orders and improve the back-of-house process for internal stakeholders, a custom PDF download and document handling area was developed. This included custom-fields with tier pricing and integration with the backend inventory system.

Thanks to Eventige's solutions, Passion Planner experienced a significant improvement in their online brand and user experience. They were able to manage inventory more efficiently, streamline internal processes, and provide a better content delivery engine for their customers.

The custom PDF download and document handling area, with custom fields and tier pricing, enabled more efficient back-of-house processes for internal stakeholders, which was particularly useful for the high volume of orders throughout international destinations. As a result, Passion Planner's conversion rates improved by 24%, and they maintained their position as the world's #1 most trafficked planner website.


Eventige provides class-act service and support. Our company worked directly with the many Eventige team members that made our website migration to BigCommerce platform a splendid one. Questions were responded to almost immediately every time. They redesigned our website and made the user experience cleaner and more efficient many times over. Definitely recommend Eventige!

Tim, Passion Planner

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