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Panoxyl – a skincare brand, approached EMG with a requirement for a full-service marketing agency to assist with various marketing and communications initiatives. The challenge was to provide on-site support for expansion projects, pilot social, email, and digital marketing programs, and enhance business efficiency and growth marketing returns.

Eventige provided a comprehensive solution by redeveloping the online presence for, improving communications through KOL spotlights, blogging, email marketing, lead generation, and mission-critical replatforms. Agency teams migrated HubSpot and Klaviyo data, supported backend and frontend technical deployment, and acted as an extension of the internal Panoxyl IT team.

To expand demand generation, the agency deployed on-page and off-page SEO, automation systems buildout, and custom application development to connect attribution metrics for key retailers such as Amazon, RiteAid, and CVS. Customizations of branding, media programs, and digital marketing were also realigned to support the growing demand of Panoxyl brand.

Eventige's efforts led to a significant increase in online visibility and generated a high volume of net new customers for Panoxyl. The newly deployed online presence also significantly enhanced engagement and conversion rates. With the implementation of custom automation systems, the attribution metrics for key retailers were also connected, which led to increased sales and revenue growth.

The deployment of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and realignment digital marketing strategies helped the brand reach its position as the #1 Acne Product Group in the USA. The project's success enabled Panoxyl to expand its business efficiently and enhance growth marketing returns.

Eventige has been our partner for over 4 years. With a small team in-house, I deeply appreciate having Eventige on hand to achieve whatever is thrown our way. They're our go-to for a variety of marketing projects from web design, technical support, content creation, martech recommendations, SEO, and other. The team is responsive and easy to work with. Moreover, they're always looking to what's next and making recommendations on areas to explore so we stay ahead of the curve.

Lindsey K., Panoxyl
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

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Two Tubes Of PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide 4% Acne Creamy Wash Cream For Daily Cleaning Wash Covered Weter Drops Lay In The Bathroom Basket

Photograph of Two Lotion Bottles In Influencer Marketing Photo For Panoxyl Brand

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