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NJOY partnered with Eventige on vape marketing, brand development, and e cig advertising programs to support the growth of the consumer goods lifestyle brand. In collaboration with NJOY, Eventige designed a variety of online and offline marketing programs including national tours featuring the Artist Collection, online content marketing programs at scale, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, influencers, and national OOH advertising.

NJOY has also been brought in to participate in panel events hosted by Eventige on regulated industry marketing, labeling and marking procedures, as well as excise tax system design for integration into enterprise resources planning and their connected omni-channel and ecommerce systems. As agency for NJOY for over eight years, we continue to support the industry of vaping, our partners at NJOY, and the customers that have provided us the opportunity to grow to a recently set new brand valuable of over 5 billion.


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Vape and E-Cigarette Marketing Company Art Packaging in a Regulated Environment
Vape and E-Cigarette Marketing Company General Packaging in a Regulated Environment
Vape and E-Cigarette Marketing Company Device Design in a Regulated Environment
Vape and E-Cigarette Marketing Company Advertising on Transport in a Regulated Environment

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