Fashion Optics Marketing

Method Seven sourced Eventige to develop their brand online and offline. This included brand design, infrastructure, and operations enhancement. During the first phase, EMG provided inventory management optimization, retail and wholesale process design, as well as white-glove migration from Magento.

Multiple pricing tiers and customer groups were also optimized and realigned, providing the stakeholders with the ability to quickly expand into new distribution channels, and scale operations comfortably without any data loss.

EMG teams improved conversion rates online, delivered enhanced UX design, and advanced search marketing systems implementation. This included content development, launching Klaviyo, HubSpot for B2B management, lead capture systems, and digital programs including affiliate marketing and influencers.

Jewelry and Apparel Marketing Showing A BigCommerce Online Store on Desktop
  • Closeup Photo Of Blue Sunglasses For Jewelry and Apparel Marketing
  • Jewelry and Apparel Marketing for BigCommerce Online Store Showing a Pilot Wearing Sunglasses
  • BigCommerce Online Store Page On Tablet Created By Jewelry and Apparel Marketing Agency

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