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LIQS Cocktail Shots came to Eventige to develop their product packaging and promotional solutions for expansion into wholesale distribution as well as direct retail channels. The primary targets included liquor stores, convenience stores, and specialty spirits retail. Eventige worked with LIQS Cocktail Shots to develop a variety of custom and limited edition product packaging solutions that would fit within the retail locations. Unique gift-set packaging was also designed, helping to grow brand sales in end-point retail nationally.

EMG brand teams worked to pair the packaging design with online promotional and social media campaigns to drive further interest and adoption of LIQS. Eventige also developed lead generation programs to align with white-labeling of the product for festivals, cruise ships, casinos, and a variety of hospitality and nightlife venues all over the country.


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Smiling Girl Holding A LIQS Cocktail Shot
Portable Premium LIQS Cocktail Shot Packaging
Strong Bearded Man And Waitress With Full Tray of Cocktail LIQS Shots
Beautiful Girl Holding A LIQS Cocktail Shot

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