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About Keri Lotion
Keri Lotion was introduced to the market by Westwood Pharmaceuticals in 1960. Leveraging a doctor and hospital promotional model, Keri Lotion quickly grew to become a household name. Keri Lotion was later acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb, and in 2019 joined the OTC family underneath Crown Laboratories.

The brand management team at Keri Lotion was looking for a full service agency to support several international expansion initiatives, improve on branding, manage online web properties, generate a buzz for the launch of new SKUs, as well as create content, and prepare for new online omni-channel programs.

Research & Strategy
As a heritage brand on the market, Keri Lotion already had a consistent user base, but skewing slightly older. Researching consumer behaviors and trends in skincare, we determined that there was a potential to message key benefits to a younger audience group, as well as improve on the delivery of information by refreshing branding and messaging, redevelop the online presence, and launch promotions.

Creative & Production
From the research phase, we had our set personas and knew that we needed to execute on them well to gain new customers. A modern, sophisticated, yet inclusive and warm brand position was released, in both the digital properties and traditional in-market. Photography and editorials centered around showcasing the variety of Keri Lotion users, in different environments, and of different age groups.

Promotion & Retention
Online and in-store coupons, skin-health education materials online, and ongoing optimization of the website properties for search, were all part of the on-going retention marketing efforts. Promotional support banners and new media generation further aligned with the needs of our retail partners, such as Amazon, RiteAid, Walgreens, EveryMarket, Walmart, and many others internationally.

Having grown up in a household with Keri Lotion products in it, it was a very exciting opportunity to take on marketing for Keri Lotion's next generation of products and customers. With 4 years under our belts working on Keri Lotion, it has been a tremendously rewarding experience, and one that only continues to get better with every year.

Alexei Alankin
Founder, Eventige Media Group

Keri Whole Body Therapy Products

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Keri website featured on iPad with product reviews and in-store coupon

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