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Keri Lotion needed a strategic partner who could offer full-service support across multiple initiatives, including design, IT consulting, and program activation. The brand required turnkey assistance to launch several new SKU's in the US and Canadian markets, expand its presence in various marketplaces, and position itself as a heritage brand in the competitive skincare market.

To meet Keri Lotion's needs, our agency conducted an in-depth study of consumer trends in the skincare vertical to provide brand identity support. This allowed us to position Keri Lotion as a heritage brand and gain traction in the skincare market overall, including key retailers like Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and Amazon.

Our team then provided an array of critical business services, including the development of a new online WordPress-driven experience. We also connected multi-point purchasing systems to directly drive traffic to key retailers, ensuring a smooth purchase process for customers. Finally, our team conducted a comprehensive search engine optimization program to improve brand visibility.

The collaboration with Keri Lotion produced significant results for the brand. Our brand identity support and positioning strategy allowed Keri Lotion to gain traction in the competitive skincare market, including key retailers like Walgreens and Rite Aid.

The development of a new online WordPress-driven experience and the implementation of multi-point purchasing systems directly drove traffic to key retailers and improved the customer experience. Our SEO efforts helped attract new customers to the brand and improved its visibility in search engine results. Keri Lotion continues to partner with us for ongoing support in various initiatives.

Keri Whole Body Therapy Products

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