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J/Slides Footwear – an already trendy footwear manufacturer, wanted to take their brand to the next level. They needed help with brand development, functional systems, enterprise resource planning development, and a new search-optimized D2C website. In addition, they required custom API scripting for their mission-critical business processes to improve operational efficiency.

J/Slides Footwear engaged Eventige to help with their brand development and digital marketing needs. The Eventige team collaborated with J/Slides to create a  plan of approach to replatform successfully while increasing the adoption of internal operations and marketing tools. BigCommerce Enterprise was chosen as the new framework together with Klaviyo and several other 3rd party applications.

Influencer marketing, branded outreach, email marketing automation flows, and social media marketing programs were also developed - specifically focusing on Facebook and Instagram shoppable galleries to increase direct-click purchasing.

With Eventige's help, J/Slides Footwear was able to scale and grow their brand quickly once the replatform was completed and was able to provide the scalability features the client was looking for.

The implementation of marketing automation and lead capture systems allowed for messaging to be deployed to users based on trigger actions at the right times, increasing lead generation and conversion rates for the trendy footwear atelier.

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