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JBJ Supply – an online security superstore, was seeking a comprehensive solution to manage their new omni-channel direction. They approached Eventige with the challenge of establishing custom database connections with warehousing, shipping, inventory management, and pricing lists to meet the specific requirements of their stakeholders.

Eventige proposed an end-to-end solution that included a new ERP implementation and a custom eCommerce website. This solution provided JBJ Supply with a fully integrated system that addressed their challenges and helped them achieve their goals.

The new ERP system streamlined inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping processes. The custom eCommerce website provided a user-friendly platform that resulted in increased online sales. In addition, the integration of inbound marketing systems helped JBJ Supply expand their reach globally and increase their customer base.

JBJ Supply experienced significant growth and were able to expand their operations internationally. The company's sales revenue increased, and they gained more customers due to the seamless online shopping experience provided by the custom eCommerce website.

Eventige's solution helped JBJ Supply overcome their challenges and enabled them to implement an end-to-end solution that helped them achieve their desired outcomes. The integration of the ERP system and eCommerce website proved to be successful and resulted in significant growth for the company.


We had a very complex implementation that required a great deal of customization. Eventige was there from the beginning to assist us with overall design, partner selection, and implementation.

Tal, JBJ Supply

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