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Hawaiian Airlines had launched a new credit card in collaboration with MasterCard, but they needed to raise public awareness about it. They required a comprehensive marketing strategy that could effectively promote their brand and extend its reach to their target audience.

To overcome this challenge, Hawaiian Airlines partnered with Eventige Media Group. The agency designed an event marketing program that incorporated social media and influencer marketing to create an engaging brand experience. The brand teams at Eventige provided creative direction, print and digital ad creative, and web development for custom microsites where users could interact with branded content and share it on various social media platforms.

Through the event marketing program, Hawaiian Airlines was able to increase public awareness of their new credit card. The data model created by Eventige delivered key insights into the demographics of users who signed up, enabling the brand to fine-tune their digital marketing programs and run email campaigns promoting the benefits of partnering with MasterCard's Hawaiian Airlines card.

As a result, the accuracy and depth of future digital marketing programs increased significantly. The campaign successfully generated a higher conversion rate and a significant increase in credit card sign-ups, thus achieving the client's objectives.

Rowing Team Preparing For A Promotional Race In NYC

  • Hawaiian Dancers Performing At A Marketing Activation Event
  • Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Advertising On Billboard In Green and Yellow
  • Promotional Sign Up Forms For Brand Activation
  • Branded Boats Lined Up Next To Rowing Teams
  • Outrigger Canoes For An Event Marketing Company Event

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