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Grieshaber Dermatology approached Eventige with the challenge of revamping their marketing strategy to increase patient care visits, drive sales of their skincare products, and develop marketing automation systems to streamline business operations.

To achieve these objectives, Eventige recommended BigCommerce as the ideal backend platform to manage inventory and patient forms while supporting eCommerce transactions. The resulting website featured an online shopping platform that allowed patients to purchase skincare products online.

In addition, Eventige implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and paid digital advertising. By taking care of the marketing and back-of-house operations, Grieshaber Dermatology was able to focus more on providing excellent patient care.

The new marketing strategy proved to be successful, resulting in significant growth for Grieshaber Dermatology. The online shopping platform allowed patients to easily purchase skincare products, resulting in increased sales. The digital marketing campaigns were successful in driving traffic to the website, resulting in increased patient care visits.

Additionally, the implementation of marketing automation systems streamlined business operations and improved efficiency. Overall, Grieshaber Dermatology saw a substantial increase in revenue and was able to focus more on patient care thanks to Eventige's comprehensive marketing solutions.


I want to thank Eventige for making the transition to our new website as easy as possible. I had reservations due to my busy schedule at work and away from work, but because they pretty much don't sleep, and work around the clock, any convenient time for me was convenient for them.

James, Grieshaber Dermatology

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