UX Design

Goldtouch came to EMG to refine their online web presence and craft a UX-focused presentation to target institutional buyers that are looking for specific makes, models, and solutions for a myriad of business types. From office environments to construction, to government, Goldtouch focuses on the delivery of best-of-breed ergonomic solutions for customers around the world.

The design and flow for the users visiting the website needed to be concise, memorable, yet simple to understand for buyers that are looking for both flexibility but also durability; making it clear that the investment into Goldtouch means a social responsibility to your employees and partners of better health. All design elements, iconographic work, and responsive design components pillared on making the user experience as intuitive as the products themselves.

Technology Website Mockup On Laptop Screen

Technology Brand Website Mockup On Smartphone Screen

Technology Website Landing Page On Laptop Screen

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