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Gambino Winery – an Italian winemaker, needed assistance from a marketing and brand development firm to expand their brand within the domestic market.

Eventige provided a comprehensive solution that involved new branding, on-site wine order systems, and marketing automation programs leveraging Shopify, Klaviyo, and Recharge Payments. The team ensured that the brand experience was consistent across all touch-points, including on-site orders for exclusive Gambino Wine Club members and high-profile clients like Rihanna.

To improve the brand's online presence, Eventige also unified public relations efforts, implemented search engine optimization systems, and integrated inbound funnel programs into a cohesive brand marketing mix.

The implementation of Eventige's solutions resulted in a significant improvement in product attraction and sales for Gambino Winery's wine club. In addition, the winery experienced an increase in TripAdvisor bookings, particularly from consumers traveling to Mount Etna for an on-site wine and dine experience.

The new on-site order systems and unified branding efforts helped visitors and members alike enjoy a seamless and memorable brand experience. Eventige's solutions helped Gambino Winery expand its brand presence and drive sales growth in both Italian and domestic markets.

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Alcohol Branding Agency Website Design of Winery Brand Featuring Bottles

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