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DNA Footwear – a Brooklyn-based footwear and apparel company, faced a challenge in accelerating sales and improving marketing operations efficiency. They turned to Eventige Media Group, seeking a full-service marketing partner to help them achieve their goals.

EMG worked to address DNA Footwear's challenge by launching a new website and implementing automation, measurement, and feedback protocols. These efforts were aimed at lowering the cost of acquisition of net new customers and growing sales. Eventige provided insights into demand generation and developed a sleek brand positioning across traditional and digital marketing mediums.

In addition, Eventige realigned DNA Footwear's marketing automation systems, creating a new ecosystem of tools and processes to assist in back-of-house operations. The agency also improved DNA Footwear's shipping and fulfillment model by connecting ordering systems, automating returns, and streamlining the order processing and delivery process.

With Eventige's support, DNA Footwear saw significant results. The new website and automation systems resulted in increased sales and lowered customer acquisition costs. The realignment of marketing automation systems also improved operational efficiency, resulting in a much faster and more streamlined order processing and delivery process, similar to that of Amazon Prime.

  • Woman Viewing Footwear Ad on Tablet Created By Footwear Marketing Agency
  • Footwear Marketing Agency Photo Of Woman Wearing Boots With Branded Shopping Bag
  • Retail Footwear Marketing Photo Of Model Wearing Shoes Walking Down A Trendy Street
  • Footwear Marketing Agency Mobile Development For Shoe Retailer Displayed On A Cellphone

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