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Desert Farms – a company offering milk alternatives for lactose-intolerant children and adults, needed to expand their business and increase sales. They required a strategy that could help them reach out to more customers and spread awareness about their brand, products, function, and retail distribution partnerships.

Eventige collaborated with Desert Farms to perform an extensive online and offline analysis to identify the priority items necessary to expand the business. The team then implemented various strategies to assist in the distribution of the brand's values.

These included web development, search marketing, re-targeting, and promotional social media activities. Eventige also worked closely with the brand stakeholders to establish a roadmap for online promotional activities that would target moms and individuals suffering from the lack of variety in lactose-free options locally at their grocers.

Thanks to Eventige's efforts, Desert Farms expanded their distribution to all 50 contiguous states. The company has experienced growth in both retail and wholesale channels, as well as direct-to-consumer channels online through eCommerce and digital marketing systems.

The brand's message has successfully reached out to more customers, and their sales have increased substantially. By implementing a well-rounded marketing strategy and establishing a roadmap for future promotional activities, Desert Farms has achieved long-term growth and success in the market.

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