Jewelry Marketing

Dana Rebecca Designs enlisted the services of Eventige to migrate due to the pending end-of-life termination of Magento’s 1.0 eCommerce license. During this process, our teams worked with DRD to elevate the brand image, increase the flexibility of the framework connected to the ERP, and established a new online look to match the strategic goals of expanding past $20 million per year in online (direct-to-consumer) revenue.

Eventige teams worked to integrate NetSuite data into BigCommerce and enhanced frontend delivery of the communication, logic, branding, and functional elements essential for fashion brands and their unique merchandising requirements. Eventige teams continue to deliver machine-learning, e-mail marketing systems, and growth programs for DRD.

  • Jewelry Marketing Company Earring Designs
  • Mobile Website Design By A Jewelry Marketing Company Shoes An Advertisement On A Cellphone
  • Sample Email Design Displayed On A Tablet
  • Jewelry Marketing Company Image Of Woman Wearing A Necklace And Gold Rings

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