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Crypton Fabrics came to Eventige Media Group with the challenge of transitioning three independent online stores into a new framework and grow the bottom-line. The agency engagement included ERP optimization and custom process development, as well as user-experience improvements across retail and wholesale divisions of the business. The web store migration took place over the course of several months, allowing the stakeholders to prepare for the changeover, and document the new internal processes.

Front-end customizations at the product and filtering level also allowed for a new visual navigation and product selection process, improving conversion rates and aiding mobile navigation simplicity and selection. Agency teams continued to support backend and frontend development, as well as consulting on applications, systems, and software adoption for improving business operations in the online space, marketing systems for efficient communication with end-users, and search engine optimization for inbound.

  • Textile Marketing Company Image of a BigCommerce Website Product Page on Cellphone and Tablet
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