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Capillary Technologies reached out to Eventige to highlight their customer loyalty and innovation in North America. Capillary Technologies is a software platform that delivers cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement, eCommerce, as well as other services. They are supporting a global network of retail power-brands such as Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Domino's, and many others.

The engagement between Eventige and Capillary Technologies positioned the messaging and value for the North American market, where the firm has the least  global market share.

Digital media, event marketing, and user-generated content powered the outreach, garnering new attention and providing key insights for the brand teams, such as the interest of the fast casual purchasing managers to engage new software and technologies for their enterprise.

  • Event Marketing Firm Photo Booth Digital Display of Advertising Software Technology Services
  • Event Marketing Trade Show Booth Showing Two Men Wearing Suits
  • Event Marketing Firm Rendering Design of Trade Show Booth In Green With Depicted iPads and Chairs
  • Advertisement on Digital Monitor With 4 Women Holding Handbags At Trade Show Event

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