Blue Cross & Blue Shield

BCBS partners with Eventige to develop a multi-part event series focusing on sponsorship of outdoor and health-focused lifestyle event programs. 5K Walks, Bike-Share Programs, and Sporting Events were chosen as the circuit for sponsorship by Blue Cross & Blue Shield, with strategic direction by Eventige Brand Teams.

Social UGC (User-Generated Content) Systems were developed and integrated into the on-premise popup events and displays, allowing Lead Capture and Survey Data to parse back to the corporate BCBS brand marketing team. Eventige and BCBS molded future programs based on user response and engagement data, creating continually optimized programs for the summer activation circuit. Landing Pages, E-Mail Marketing, and CRM System Integration were also developed and activated to take the event program and connect with the digital footprint.

Crowd at the Iron Bowl Event Fans at Iron Bowl Event Crowd Promoting BlueCross and BlueShield Event Promotion for BlueCross BlueShield Alabama Blue War Eagle Event

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