Medical Brand Activation

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) wanted to increase its brand awareness and promote its medical insurance services to an audience focused on health and outdoor activities. They needed to find a way to connect with potential customers and gather valuable user data to improve their marketing efforts.

BCBS partnered with Eventige to develop a multi-part event series focused on sponsoring outdoor and health-focused lifestyle events programs such as 5K walks, bike-share programs, and sporting events.

Eventige created social systems integrated into on-premise popup events and displays that allowed for lead capture and survey data to be gathered and relayed back to the corporate BCBS marketing team. Landing pages, e-mail marketing, and CRM system integration were also developed and activated to connect the event program with the digital footprint.

Through this partnership, BCBS successfully connected with its target audience and gathered valuable data to improve its marketing efforts. The continually-optimized event programs for the summer activation circuit were molded based on user response and engagement data, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

BCBS was able to increase its brand awareness and promote its medical insurance services through effective event marketing strategies. The landing pages, e-mail marketing, and CRM system integration also resulted in increased customer engagement and more conversions for BCBS. Overall, the partnership with Eventige helped BCBS achieve its marketing goals and improve its customer outreach.

  • Medical Brand Marketing Company Photo Of Alabama Football Fans
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