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Microsoft needed to create a unique experiential marketing brand activation at SXSW in Austin, TX that would effectively introduce the public to the Bing brand and their innovations. They also wanted to showcase the latest technology available through the experience, while ensuring that the user engagement points remained casual and inviting - increasing the time consumers would stay on-site.

Eventige partnered with Microsoft to conceive and design a pop-up experience as a 'relaxation station.' The team created a soft-sell approach to introduce the public to the new Bing branding. The pop-up experience featured multiple public relations & press opportunities for Bing to deliver its value proposition. The team used laser digital, projection mapping, and a variety of promotional giveaways to create an interactive and engaging display that would attract a lot of visitors.

Thanks to the successful partnership between Microsoft and Eventige, the Bing relaxation station became one of the most highly visited and trafficked displays at SXSW. Eventige's approach to the pop-up experience effectively introduced the public to the new Bing products and showcased the latest technology available through the experience touchpoints.

The multiple public relations & press opportunities provided Bing with a platform to deliver its value proposition, which helped increase the brand's visibility and attract new users. Additionally, the interactive display created at night using laser digital projection mapping made the evening activation that much more trafficked.

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