Experiential Marketing

Microsoft partners with Eventige to develop and execute an experiential marketing brand activation at SXSW in Austin, TX. Eventige conceived and designed the pop-up experience as a 'relaxation station' that was intended to introduce the public to the new Bing branding using an elegant soft-sell approach.

All of the user engagement points focused on propelling the casual and inviting approach of the Bing brand. There were multiple public relations & press opportunities for Bing to deliver its value-proposition, as well as showcase some of the latest in technology available through the experience touch-points. It was one of the highest attended exhibits.

Experiential Marketing Event Activation Featuring Bing Brand Using Shipping Containers Experiential Marketing Outdoor Event Activation With A Bar For Adults Experiential Marketing Event Activation In Texas With Bar And Couches Experiential Marketing Company Outdoor Footprint With Games For Kids Experiential Marketing Company Custom Designed Shipping Container Bar Interior

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