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Atlantic Cigar faced the challenge of an impending end-of-life termination date for their legacy ERP and Inventory Management System. They needed to seamlessly migrate their website to BigCommerce Enterprise while also optimizing their brand development, business consulting, and digital channels. With over 1000 brands, the project required careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations and allow key stakeholders to focus on core business activities.

To address these challenges, Atlantic Cigar partnered with Eventige. Eventige worked intimately with the team at Atlantic Cigar to transition their legacy systems and migrate the site to BigCommerce Enterprise.

The project included a thorough scoping and planning phase, theme design, inventory and customer data migration, as well as configuration of marketing systems, tools, and processes. The team at Eventige worked closely with Atlantic Cigar's internal teams to ensure that the migration was carried out seamlessly.

Thanks to the successful collaboration between Atlantic Cigar and Eventige, the migration was completed within 120 days. The new system allowed Atlantic Cigar to streamline their operations and optimize their digital channels for increased efficiency and delivery.

Key stakeholders were able to free up valuable time in day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on core business activities. The project also included training for internal teams at Atlantic Cigar on the new fulfillment process and management. Overall, the successful migration to BigCommerce Enterprise allowed Atlantic Cigar to improve their online presence and position themselves for future growth with scalable and efficient new business processes.


Eventige was put in a tough spot, we had to migrate from our old platform which was shutting down and launch with an extremely tight timeline. They handled the situation with total professionalism, allocated the resources needed and we launched in time. Eventige has an outstanding team made up of professionals. They went above and beyond the normal and expected call of duty. That's very rare these days.

Paul, Atlantic Cigar

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