Fitness Marketing

24 Hour Fitness wanted to launch a series of fitness gyms and needed to develop an effective demand generation strategy to expand their customer base. They also wanted to increase their annual sign-up rates and month-to-month memberships.

EMG teams developed a holistic demand generation strategy that encompassed various marketing tactics, including pop-up stores, lead generation systems, print media, promotional sampling, and personal trainers as brand ambassadors.

Eventige designed the CRM system process for inbound data management, sourced promotional and branded giveaways, and managed the design and staging of the experiences on-site which included street teams targeting high-traffic locations where patrons were informed about the new services available in their local neighborhoods.

The comprehensive marketing program and effective CRM system process not only helped the brand expand its customer base but also increased both annual sign-up rates and month-to-month memberships.

Teams were able to reach more than 100,000 local Manhattanites over a period of 8 weeks with both street teams activating, and club membership sponsors on-site providing tailored tours and limited time membership offers.

Fitness Marketing Agency Sampling Promotion

  • Fitness Marketing Agency Street Team Signing Up Customers
  • A Beautiful Fit Girl Working Out
  • Fitness Marketing Agency Street Team Giving Away Flyers


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