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Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing
As a digital-first agency, our focus is always on ensuring that you have the most comprehensive package of social media and email marketing systems available on the market today. Eventige brand teams use a combination of social management, influencer aggregation, and email marketing automation systems to design, manage and report on social media activities, reach, and monetization.

Social Media Management Services
We focus on studying trends and creating exceptionally professional and refined messaging platforms. The strategies we set in place are unique to organic and paid social media management programs. With so many users moving into the social sphere, our agency teams are always studying the latest in technology as well as social nurturing platform design. This allows us to bring the latest of industry standard to our clients and their brand teams.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We provide turnkey social media marketing services designed to alleviate internal labor spent on daily monitoring and maintenance. Our teams design and write content, comment, and report on new opportunities.

E-Mail Marketing Systems

Social Agency System

Eventige teams develop highly targeted e-mail marketing campaigns, content, design, and automation systems. We also elevate your e-mail open rates, increase your average order values, and grow your lists for you!

Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Social Media Research

As the first step in determining the best approach, Eventige teams analyze current systems and processes in place to manage social and e-mail demand generation.

Social Systems Optimization

Once the correct ecosystem of software and processes have been chosen, the teams at Eventige work to design and optimize the systems based on key research about our users and their behavior during touch-points with your brand.

Social and Paid Advertising

We also help you promote the digital marketing agency programs, so that our social media and e-mail campaigns reach new audiences and expand our messaging to new marketing designated areas; or DMA's as they are called in agency-land.

Design, Develop or Grow Your Social & E-Mail Systems

Social Media Agency Services

Social Media Marketing Consultant
As brand consultants by nature, our teams are well-versed in discovery and research into user personas, demographic targeting, as well as the media communications tactics that convert the best in our fast-paced digital marketing world.

Digital Social Media Planning
When working with us, our lens is that of true business partners. We will establish a custom social media and e-mail marketing program that will drive new customers, increase product adoption and generates new eyes-on-brand. With our strategic leadership behind the messaging, design, and overall communication tone, you will be sure to expand your customer base quickly.

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