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With Google accounting for 92% of market-share, it is obvious that you need a search marketing strategy and a team to execute it. We help companies boost their search marketing rankings with highly-targeted search engine optimization, and paid search programs. We also do the work to optimize your sites.

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Forbes named Eventige as a Top 100 Global Search Marketing Agency, specifically for our expert work in search engine optimization, search marketing, Google AdWords, and analytic systems design. We will bring this experience to your doorstep.

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Our goal is always to protect your domain while increasing traffic and aligning with search engine optimization best practices. We also do blogging, content, generate backlinks, and run loading speed optimization programs.

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Search & Paid Marketing Matters

SEO is a long-term play. PPC is a short-term play. Knowing how to do both properly isn't a 5-minute job, but we will help you develop the right win/win strategies to align with timing, budget, and growth goals of your unique business model. Our focus will be on bringing your brand to page 1 of Google for high-intent to buy keywords; then, keeping them there as we grow other combinations.

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4 Heatmap Tools By The Best SEO Companies for eCommerce

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Machine Learning Improves E-Commerce Site Search

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