CPG Packaging Design Solutions For A Cocktail Shot Package

Product Packaging

It’s a marvelous thing to watch a customer pick up your product and drop it in their cart. We create innovative packaging designs that instantly connect with customers on an emotional level, compelling them to pick up and buy. You can see our work in Costco, CVS, on Amazon, and many other stores nationally.

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Packaging Design; Inside and Out

Apart from having a beautiful design, packaging must protect the contents, be easy to open, and economical to produce. We assist in all facets of research, creation, and delivery. EMG supports your substrate selection, fabrication, engineering, and can create custom point-of-purchase solutions to display your products at their end-points.

Product Packaging Design Example Of A Tequila Bottle
Packaging Design Featuring A Read And White Carton Holding 4 Bottles Of A Wheat Grass Beverage

Our long-standing vendor relationships mean you will receive innovative packaging shapes and design at sub-market production rates. We will show you a seamless design and production process that places your products at the forefront of beauty and great MOQ price-levels.

Woman Holding A Custom Product Package

In-Store Packaging Design

Beside creating stunning packaging, we also develop end-caps, standalone, and C-Store product displays based on your unique distribution goals. We will meet your product shape, style, or placement goals so that not only do we have a product that stands out, but we will have a delivery mechanism that creates a pull. POS stickers, vinyl, counter mats, or flat-pack? Yep, got those covered too!

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