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Packaging needs to be cost effective, creative, and durable. Let’s talk through the options on a Zoom call. Request a packaging design review session below.

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Product Packaging Design

Produce packaging design that connects with customers on an emotional level; compelling them to pick up and buy. We create packaging design to be durable, cost-effective, and creative - increasing attraction as well as improving conversion on shelves.

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Custom Packaging Solutions

We assist in all facets of research, creation, and delivery. EMG supports your substrate selection, fabrication, engineering, and communications needs. We also support custom packaging design and will help you find the right solution for your brand.

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Our long-standing vendor relationships mean you will receive innovative packaging design with a production process that places your products at the forefront of what packaging can do for you. From pouches to bottles, to displays and cases, let's develop that perfect fit.

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In-Store Packaging Design

We support far beyond packaging design - we offer clients like you unique ways to combine design, messaging, and other materials to generate attraction. Point-of-sale signage, stickers, vinyl, counter mats, end caps, and c-store displays are all part of our packaging design mix.

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Packaging Design Services

  • Packaging Design

    The visual and tactile details of package design say a lot about a brand. Our packaging design services will make your physical products match your branding, and echo the same experience customers have with your website, email marketing, advertising, and products.

  • Product Package Consulting

    If you have an idea, but not yet a full-formed package design in mind, we can consult with you to develop that vision. We'll select the best packaging design based on your visual brand identity, and plan out the steps to take your design from a concept to a physical model.

  • Package Design Production

    We have long-standing vendor relationships which means you'll receive reliably high-quality packaging production. From pouches to bottles, to displays and cases, we can meet any packaging need and integrate production seamlessly into your business processes.

  • Custom Packaging Design

    If you have a nontraditional packaging design need, we'll create a custom-designed solution to meet it. We produce unique and innovative items, such as custom-shaped product displays, experiential booths, and more, to create a memorable brand experience for your customers.

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