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It is no easy feat for brands to transition from shelf to check out—after all, the shelf space is the most cutthroat marketing environment in existence today. In fact, consumers often make their decision of what to buy in seconds and based mostly on what captures their attention first. There’s no way of getting around it—good packaging design sells.

Functional Packaging Design
The right packaging establishes your brand ethos. Apart from beautiful design, it must protect the contents, be easy to open and economical to produce. We assist you in all facets of research, creation, and delivery while assisting with substrate selection, fabrication, engineering, and point-of-purchase solutions.

Packaging Design Agencies

CPG Packaging

Eventige specializes in creating Consumer Goods Packaging solutions that elevate sales at retail stores, attract new audiences, and extend the mind-share of your products through attractive functional, as well as visual application.

Packaging Design Agency Display

Product Displays

Endcaps, standalone, as well as C-Store product displays, are just a few examples of the types of products that we engineer to meet any manufacturer’s product shape, style, or end-point distribution goals of placement.

CPG Packaging Design Agency Services

CPG Packaging Design

We use specialized software and processes to create 3D AutoCAD renderings of your packaging design agency delivery, as well as assist with color, typography, content, and design.

Brand Identity Design

With so many options on the market deciding between paper, plastic, or hybrid new solutions may be challenging. We will advise you on the right choices to reduce costs and drive sales.

Packaging Production

When the occasion calls for a unique shape for your product packaging needs, Eventige teams can provide unique new solutions from custom injection-molds, to highly detailed die-cutting of almost any substrates.

CPG Packaging Design Agency

Product Packaging Design

Packaging and Design Production
Our long-standing vendor relationships in the production and manufacturing industry means you will receive innovative packaging design and sub-market production rates. We also focus on making all stages of the design and production process a seamless experience. Let us take care of your entire process with the service we’re known for!

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