Managed Media Buying

Procuring the best media space for your business is essential to generating the best results from your brand marketing and acquisition campaigns. We have established key relationships with strategic accounts across dozens of verticals to connect you with the best and most powerful options on the market today. We also establish a strategic roadmap to target the right customers, at the right place and the right time.

Through our digital buying services and media partners, we provide the best media options for the lowest cost to facilitate customer acquisition and conversion. We also stay up-to-date on the latest trends in digital placement, putting most of our internal investments on the future of advertising in the hyper-connected digital space.

Managed Media Buying
Media Buying Experience

Media Buying Experience

With over 20 years of cross-industry marketing and advertising experience, we provide recommendations based on proven concepts, key relationships, as well as market trends and opportunities.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

It’s never enough to launch a campaign. Real success is determined by the real-world performance of the media. Our management teams work in real-time to adjust for optimum digital performance.

Design, Develop or Launch Your Media Buying Plan

Creative Evaluation

What you decide to communicate is just as important as where the message appears. Working with our in-house creative division will help you increase conversion rates across all media placements.

Analytics & Data

Data analysis and research go into every aspect of our media buying process. We place our priority buys on positive statistical data to generate the best media placement, bids, as well as end-point user targeting.

Budget Planning

We help clients with not only visual planning, but also creating a media planning and budgetary program that aligns with all internal stakeholder KPI’s, timing, and budgetary requirements. We always stay on track and report accordingly!

Design, Develop or Launch Your Media Buying Plan


  • Type Selection
  • Placement Analysis
  • Creative Evaluation
  • Production Schedule
  • Budget Planning


  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Creative Production
  • Creative Placement
  • Campaign Activation
  • Campaign Optimization


  • Media Attribution
  • Rates & Budgeting
  • Completion Reports
  • Program Analysis
  • Recommendations

Media Buying Inside Track

With our experience and track record in competitive verticals, we apply a strategically planned methodology to the unique goal set of each client. Based on your organizational goals and budgets, Eventige will assess the perfect media mix across all digital channels, devices, and platforms. Through our relationships and reputation, we aggregate media options at lowered costs than going direct to the publishers. We guarantee it!

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