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Managing successful Klaviyo email marketing is as much an art as it is a science. See our Klaviyo work in action, and schedule your free audit and demo today!

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Klaviyo Experts

As Klaviyo experts, we specialize in designing, developing and managing Klaviyo email marketing & SMS automation for brands looking to grow revenue. We dedicate a Klaviyo expert with category experience in your industry for you to work with, provide custom branding and content services, as well as support your ongoing Klaviyo management needs.

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Klaviyo Setup, Optimization, & Segmentation

Our certified Klaviyo specialists start by reviewing your brand performance through an extensive auditing cycle. From there we develop a customized plan for your business. The next step will be working with our Klaviyo designers to develop the visual messaging, pop-ups integrations and lead-capture, as well as optimizing your website themes and systems to leverage Klaviyo best.

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As a certified Klaviyo agency, we support Klaviyo customers with guidance on how to increase AOV, get around the Gmail tabs, optimize for the best open and conversion rates, as well as focus on long-term retention through aligned SMS. We specifically developed Klaviyo consulting and Klaviyo agency support for brands looking to grow email and SMS revenue.

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Klaviyo Consulting and Management

When it comes to Klaviyo email management and SMS, we offer several different packages. From our one-time Klaviyo setup package, to our custom Klaviyo email marketing optimization program, we offer clients a white-glove email and SMS management experience. From lead acquisition, to list segmentation and flow development, to integrated web and SMS work messaging, we have you covered. Contact us today to get started.

Klaviyo Services

Eventige provides turnkey consulting, design, and development of Klaviyo e-mail marketing and SMS text systems. We support clients moving to Klaviyo (Klaviyo Migrations), as well as existing customers looking for Klaviyo Management.

  • 1. Research & Discovery
  • 2. Creative & Production
  • 3. Media & Promotion

Research & Discovery

Klaviyo Audit & Evaluation

  • Review of Current Klaviyo Campaigns
  • Auditing Klaviyo Flows & Automation
  • Evaluating DNS / Klaviyo Configuration
  • Analysis of Email Lists and Segments
  • Branding, Content, and Delivery Review

Creative & Production

Klaviyo Setup & Optimization

  • Custom Klaviyo Email Strategy Map
  • Custom-Designed Klaviyo Templates
  • Setup of Optimized Klaviyo Flows
  • Integration of Klaviyo Lead Capture
  • Klaviyo SMS & Paired Platform Sync

Media & Promotion

Klaviyo Tuning: Email & SMS

  • Editorial Calendar & Innovation Program
  • Klaviyo E-Mail & SMS Management
  • Development of New Klaviyo Campaigns
  • Data Analysis & Evergreen Iteration
  • Split Testing A/B, Creative Enhancement
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Klaviyo Experts; Turnkey Design & Flow Development

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