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Extending the reach of your products and services through influencer marketing has become a staple of how brands sponsor and communicate with product reviewers and deliver exciting new content to the marketplace. Influencer marketing accelerate the delivery of your products and services to the hearts and minds of new customers. Follow the profiles and accounts of the influencers and your will find your future customers.

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Gaining momentum using photo sharing and social postings have become a game-changing activity for brands that are looking to amplify their reach and quickly penetrate the market with genuine product spotlights, reviews, and new engagement opportunities.

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In-Store Social Marketing

Using in-store photo sharing influencers can be an accelerated way to capture new e-mail leads and stream live from several brick-and-mortar locations that many of our clients leverage for extended reach.

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Influencer Marketing

With many highly followed and influential media creators online, partnering with trusted influencer marketers online is a tried and true way to generate new opportunities and eyes on-brand.

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Influencer Talent Agency

We provide research on social media influencer accounts, their distribution and reach, as well as on industries and interests that our influencers are most excited about; then, we choose the best fit!

Micro Influencer Agency

We design care packages, marketing briefs, as well as curate and sponsor programs (including events and pop-up-shops) to deliver your brand and products into the hands of our best influencers.

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Carefully crafted programs need attention as well as management to ensure that our branded content is reaching the right eyes at the right time. We provide full reporting on our systems to ensure delivery!

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Instagram Influencer Marketing
As Instagram galleries become shoppable and more influencers are creating content, engaging in high-profile events, or becoming celebrities, our teams are working hard to define trends in the market, as well as provide new opportunities to expand our clients’ footprint online. From social photo sharing to animated review videos, we capture the best media options so that our clients can communicate with the influencer marketing community genuinely and profitably.

Instagram Influencer Agency
We are continually tuned into the social sphere and focus on delivering opportunities to brands that are looking for a genuine connection with real people, using real products. The clients that have partnered with us over the years for branded content are a testament to our delivery and support. Reach out today to learn about what we can do for your influencer marketing programs.

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