Bringing Customers Back to Buy With Yotpo SMS & Loyalty

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As experienced eCommerce operators know, acquiring new customers costs up to 5x more than retaining those they already have. Loyalty programs offer an effective way to leverage your best customers, and when combined with YotPo SMS marketing, brands can bring back customers to the table with targeted messaging that highlights the benefits they're missing out on. 

It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message


According to YotPo's own figures, loyalty redeemers (customers who take advantage of loyalty offers) spend, on average, 89% more than non-redeemers. Furthermore, they're 164% more likely to make repeat purchases. Thanks to the deliverability and high CTR rates offered by SMS marketing, this represents a huge opportunity to drive extra revenue. 


Why Loyalty Program Engagement Is Vital For Brands

The importance of increasing engagement for any customer loyalty program you introduce shouldn't be underestimated, as it's crucial to strengthen the relationship your brand enjoys with customers. In addition to boosting your bottom line, a well-crafted loyalty program - complemented by Yotpo SMS marketing - can turn repeat buyers into vocal advocates. Some other interesting Yotpo stats show that:

  • AOV increases by 32% when SMS subscribers join loyalty programs
  • 76% of loyalty program members subscribe to SMS
  • Loyalty members typically place 4x more orders per year

So, the benefits of implementing an approach like this are clear, and In this article, we look at how brands can use the power of Yotpo to keep bringing customers back by combining the 'openability' of SMS with their in-house loyalty program.


Using Automated Loyalty Flows In The Customer Journey

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Modern customers expect a seamless experience day or night, but eCommerce store owners can let Yotpo take the strain 24/7 through the introduction of automated loyalty flows. Triggered at every stage of the customer journey, the platform allows users to send exactly the right message at precisely the right moment via the correct channel. 

A number of Yotpo automated text messages can be used to raise awareness and participation in your loyalty program, such as:

  • Loyalty point reminders - additional revenue can be generated by regularly notifying customers how close they are to their next reward

  • Loyalty redemption reminders - customers get automatically reminded that they have accrued sufficient points to redeem them for a reward

  • New tier notifications - congratulations can be sent to customers when they've reached the next level of your loyalty program, with additional points awarded as thanks

  • Loyalty birthday rewards - what better way to foster a strong customer/brand connection than through birthday reward notifications?

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the loyalty program possibilities on offer from Yotpo. Next, we examine some of the impactful techniques and changes you can make across all your SMS flows to improve engagement and participation levels.


Other Ways in Yotpo Loyalty Flows Help to Drive Engagement

From the moment you put the right measures into place, you can start winning back customers who may otherwise have drifted away. Let's take a look at a range of ways in which you can optimize all of your loyalty engagement flows.

Employing Loyalty Conditions In Flows - naturally, you want to treat your most loyal customers differently, and Yotpo allows you to do so. By optimizing your flows with loyalty condition data, you can ensure that your best customers get the VIP treatment to drive increased conversions. Yotpo's figures show that when SMS flows are conditioned in this way, it can result in 12x higher ROI.

Boosing Redeemer Numbers Using ‘Click-to-Redeem' - another way to encourage loyalty members back to purchase is by making it easier for them to redeem their points. A long, drawn-out redemption process represents a barrier to member participation, but Yotpo helps to drive engagement seamlessly with a one-click process that the platform states can increase redemptions by a factor of 5-10x.

78% of consumers want a loyalty program that allows them to redeem their rewards more easily


Measuring the Impact SMS is Having On Your Loyalty - as with any marketing strategy, analyzing your performance is vital to understanding just how much of an impact SMS messaging is having on your loyalty program's success. Yotpo SMS Analytics allows you to accurately track how many redemptions are being made by customers via added 'click-to-redeem' functionality. 

Also able to be tracked via Yotpo's Flow Analytics are the number of loyalty members joining the VIP part of your program, helping you to make any necessary adjustments to your approach. 

Email Personalization With Loyalty Blocks - any well-constructed SMS marketing campaign can be augmented with targeted emails, and Yotpo allows brands to leverage this fact to the max with Loyalty Blocks that dynamically display high-definition visual banners that match the individual's points balance and loyalty status. 

Dynamic offers and personalized recommendations can be put in front of members using real-time data while gently reminding them how close they are to enjoying the benefits of the next program tier.


Using Yotpo SMS to Enhance the Customer Experience & Drive Revenue

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Loyalty programs are proven to add value to the customer experience while helping to drive revenue for eCommerce businesses. However, if you're not yet augmenting your loyalty strategy with Yotpo SMS marketing, you're not likely to get the best possible results. Changing that is easy. 

Yotpo setup is relatively simple, requiring no coding and taking just a few minutes - even less when implemented by a pro. The high open rates enjoyed by text messages are there to be leveraged, and with margins being stretched in all sorts of ways in recent months, it would seem to be an opportunity that seldom few brands can afford to ignore. 

Introduce the measures discussed here, and you create the conditions for commercial success and build an army of engaged, loyal customers who come back to buy from you again and again.

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