Why a Klaviyo Partner Can Get Things Done Faster

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Why a Klaviyo Partner Can Get Things Done Faster

Email marketing remains one of the most profitable ways to gain new business in 2023 due to the highly-personalized nature of the messages it's possible to create. It also offers incredible reach, with an estimated 4 billion people using the long-established communication channel on a daily basis. 

Of the many email marketing platforms that exist, Klaviyo sits head and shoulders above the rest, and it's not by accident that it's gained its stellar reputation. The hugely popular platform provides all of the tools eCommerce store owners need for effective SMS and email marketing strategies as part of its all-encompassing services. 

It is possible for those new to the platform to use its more basic features. However, when it comes to the more complex tasks - of which there are many - it's often best to enlist the help of a Klaviyo partner agency. Not only can a Klaviyo partner help to perfect the setup of your campaigns for maximum ROI, but they can also get things done faster….much faster.

Here we examine what allows them to do so.


Faster & Easier Communication 

The first area in which Klaviyo partner agencies are able to expedite your email marketing strategies is in communication, as it's lightning fast! You see, partners can directly communicate with Klaviyo via exclusive Slack channels that allow discussions to happen within seconds.

This means:

    • Minor issues aren't allowed to drag on

    • You typically get the same Klaviyo expert each time you reach out

  • Time wastage is kept to an absolute minimum

Of course, as a customer, you can contact Klaviyo yourself through their standard channels, but the likelihood is that communication will be at a snail's pace.


Direct Access to Klaviyo Engineers

From time to time, Klaviyo customers may encounter a complex issue or task that requires a high level of expertise to resolve. Ordinarily speaking, for the average user, this will represent a major roadblock for their plans. However, for Klaviyo partners, accessing this kind of assistance is far easier.

That's because partners can speak directly to the engineers who built the platform and its services. This ability allows partners to deliver the right solutions incredibly quickly, cutting swathes of time out of the process.


Support Channels & Beta Programs

When an agency becomes a Klaviyo partner, they get access to additional training and support that allows their email specialists to build their knowledge of the platform. This support - which includes access to UK, US, and Asia Pacific resources - allows Klaviyo partners to squeeze the most out of the platform for their client's benefit. 

Furthermore, agency partners are included in invitation-only events across the USA, as well as being given a 'first look' at beta programs. Agencies awarded partner status can then offer feedback on unreleased products before they enter the market. 

Every bit of exclusivity provided adds to the agency's knowledge, expertise, and ability to quickly deliver email marketing success to its clients.


The Higher the Tier, The Greater the Expertise

When working with a Klaviyo partner, some of the features mentioned above only apply to the higher tiers in the partner network. As such, it matters which level the agency belongs to, as it will affect the speed at which they're able to achieve meaningful results.

They include:

    • Silver Partner - agencies at the start of their Klaviyo partner journey will often be a Silver Partner - something that equips them with basic features from the platform.

    • Gold Partner - when an agency starts managing multiple, higher-value clients, Klaviyo awards Gold status and provides access to more facilities and exclusive support.

    • Platinum Partner - companies that are awarded Platinum Master Partner status are seen as true experts in Klaviyo management, with full access to all the support and expertise required.

  • Elite Partner - on rare occasions, a Klaviyo agency is identified as being a de facto extension of the Klaviyo team, offering best-in-class service by making their partnership a core mission of their business. At present, just 0.2% of agencies enjoy this status. 

All in all, there are around 3,000 Klaviyo partners in existence, but only a tiny group achieves Platinum & Elite Levels. This is because Klaviyo is very selective about the companies they award this status to, meaning that as a customer, you get the reassurance of knowing you're in expert hands.


Inside Relationships Make All the Difference 

It pays to be on the 'inside' as an agency when it comes to Klaviyo email marketing, as it facilitates direct working relationships with the experts that make a big difference to the process. These relationships are vital in ensuring that you eliminate any obstacles in the way of your email marketing progress.

Having this vast knowledge and expertise at your disposal also means fewer mistakes are made, resulting in super-high value, impactful marketing campaigns Essentially, the ultimate goal, so the wisdom of enlisting the help of a Klaviyo partner agency for eCommerce owners, is clear.


The Expert Guiding Hand Your Email Marketing Needs

Email marketing success requires hard work and dedication - of that, there is little doubt. However, when using a platform like Klaviyo, getting the optimum value also calls for knowledge and expertise that the average marketeer simply won't have. 

At Eventige, we're a Platinum Klaviyo Partner with the experience and know-how to leverage the many features available to gain your business. What's more, our status also affords us access to high-level Klaviyo engineers and other exclusive channels that make all the difference.

So, if you're interested in learning more about what we can do to boost your email marketing efforts, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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