Using Native Ads: Digital Marketing Media Buying Technique

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By Gavin Write
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Over time, consumers have become weary of banner and traditional display advertising. With research showing that native ads are viewed 53% more often than display ads, it is worth considering native advertising as part of a long-term marketing strategy to promote brand awareness.

A report by the Content Marketing Institute highlights how 70% of users would rather absorb product information through content rather than traditional advertisements. Native ads are a natural fit for a particular shopper or reader’s interests, sending a more authentic message which leads to higher click-through rates and a better user experience.

Defining Native Advertising

Native advertising is paid editorial content which appears in digital or print publications such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media sites, and phone apps. Native advertising distinguishes itself from blatant advertorials which offer no real information, instead functioning to promote brand awareness via useful, relevant content rather than aggressively pushing company products.

A woman reads a native advertisement at her standing desk.

Native advertising offers a variety of benefits when compared to more traditional advertising methods. Here are some of the reasons why you should include native advertising in your marketing strategy:

  • Native advertising is not designed to register quick sales. Instead it effectively promotes brand awareness over time, forming an emotional connection with potential consumers.

  • A full-service digital agency can target its market by choosing specific blogs, media sites, or print formats that are frequented by its most likely consumers and creating content that is directly relevant to them.

  • Native advertising allows you to use interesting genres like stories, editorials, images, videos, memes, tweets, and playlists in creative ways to enhance your brand and set it apart from companies with more traditional advertisements.

Golden Rules of Effective Native Advertising

At its best, native advertising should blend organically with a publication’s regular visual and editorial content. Here are a few golden rules to ensure that your marketing campaign has the desired effect.

Don’t Trick Your Readers

While your articles should suit a publication’s style, ethical digital and print media companies will clearly identify your company as the provider of an article. Such misleading labels as “sponsored content” are likely to hurt your brand.

For an example of how to do it right, a Buzzfeed article for Captain Morgan clearly identifies them as the publisher and also links to their social pages.

BuzzFeed Article For Captain Morgan Displaying Drink Recipes

Engage Your Readers

High-quality, useful content which engages and interests the reader will garner more views and foster a positive image for your brand. The content should have subtle rather than blatant links to your brand and its products. Visually stunning content can promote positive brand awareness without mentioning the product name in the body of the article.

Call To Action

You are providing quality content and paying for the privilege. Therefore, you need a call to action in order to gain value from your advertising dollars. The reader shouldn't be tricked into opening click-bait sites; your highly engaging content will makes him or her more interested in finding out further information.

The New York Times and Buzzfeed cater to very different demographics. If you wish to appeal to Millennials, for example, you would choose the latter. Your subject matter should appeal to the publication’s target market and provide an authentic user experience for the reader.

If you are seeking a powerful tool that can distinguish you from your competitors, consider native advertising. By taking an ethical approach to creating genuine content, your brand can have greater visibility and influence in the marketplace. If you have questions, contact our marketing strategy team and we can set up a walk-through tailored to your brand goals. 

Image Credit: Linkedin/Entrepreneur

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