Twitter Beginners Guide: How To Use Twitter For Marketing

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By Gavin Write
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From new car commercials to what your favorite celebrities are doing, it is obvious that Twitter has become a household name that many brands are using. So how do you get involved to spread the message to the masses?

Twitter Basics

Twitter is a constant conversation happening in real-time; a kind of social engagement party you are always invited to. Voicing your perspective has never been easier; and with today’s technology, you can participate using any mobile device and tweet from anywhere you choose. Companies on Twitter are telling their story, and your brand should be part of that same social revolution. Here are some ideas of what you can do on Twitter to raise brand awareness for your company:

  • Distribute news relative to your market and industry

  • Upload Photos, Videos, or Infographics

  • Conduct conferences and chats using hashtags

  • Provide links to newsletter signups & community forums

  • Spread promotional offers and specials for your products

  • Share the testimonials from your best customers

  • Explain the benefits of your products with TwitPic demonstrations

Why Use Twitter

Social media marketers cannot afford to ignore Twitter as a major platform. In fact, Twitter has a larger base of users than some countries have total populations. With all the content being shared, your brand needs to be part of the conversation.

One of the best ways to join the social revolution is by designing an appealing portal, with value and a pleasing aesthetic. Your Twitter profile also provides a description of your business, leading to a link that people can follow to your target of choice. This can be a website, landing page, or even another social media portal such as Facebook. Many companies are using cross-promotional efforts, so having a strategy behind the design and content writing is key to converting the most traffic. Click here to learn more about the benefits of advertising on Twitter

How to Apply Video and Pictures

Before people visit your website, you also have a great opportunity to educate them about your company through visual aids, such as videos or photos. Photos and Videos have been proven to convert 10x more than regular text-based Tweets, and they are more likely to be re-tweeted as well.

You should also aim to include keywords and hashtags that are popular on Twitter. A hashtag is a special way to make your content clickable by users. Using popular words such as “Marketing,” we add the # sign in front of the word when sharing content ourselves. Twitter will automatically turn that word into a highlighted link, and you will be able to see all of the posts relating to that special hashtag.

You can also enhance this search by connecting your multimedia Twitter content to trending topics in your industry and niche markets. Videos that match hashtags have a much higher chance of conversion, and many companies use trending topics as a way to gain more click-through and view counts.

Twitter also provides your brand with more internet real-estate to extend your presence. Since web design costs time and money, Twitter is a great way to extend the reach of your messaging without having to develop extra pages on your website or blog; although using your blog articles and tweeting about them is a great way to double-down on exposure.

Remember: The higher the quality of images, videos, and relevant content you generate the more credibility your company will receive. Image is everything and people will definitely judge a book by its cover. Using Twitter in a professional, as well as educational manner will set your brand aside and position you as the market leader in your niche market. And if you ever need some help in developing a strategy, feel free to reach out to us and we can always provide some examples to get you started!

Eventige Media Group is comprised of experts in various methodologies, including all of the in-house services that a social media agency carries to help you promote your brand on any major platform. Contact us today to see how our experts can manage and promote your brands socials. 
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