Triple Whale - The AI Data Platform that Grows eCommerce Businesses

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One of the primary objectives for Shopify store owners is to achieve a good return on ad spend (ROAS), however, that's often easier said than done. Without accurate analytical data, you can't make informed decisions that grow your business. However, it's not nearly as big of a problem as it could be when you have Triple Whale at your back.

Without marketing attribution reporting, marketers would have to wade through cobbled data from different sources


Allowing you to seamlessly manage and automate your ad attribution, creatives, and data analytics from a single intuitive dashboard, it's a platform specifically designed for Shopify marketers.

It puts a range of features like Triple Whale Pixel in the palm of your hand and delivers real-time sales and marketing insights that result in predictable, profitable growth. Having already helped transform the marketing efforts of more than 6,500 brands, Triple Whale simply empowers eCommerce marketers to make smarter business calls.


How Triple Whale Empowers Brands

The Cost-Per-Mile (CPM) for advertisers has never been greater and in-platform data isn't sufficiently reliable or accurate enough for use in guiding your ad campaigns. That's where Triple Whale comes in, empowering brands by allowing performance to be measured in real-time. 

Triple Whale lets you:

  • Track all marketing & store activity via a single chronological feed, including metrics like sales, expenses, refunds and ROAS.

  • View the entire customer journey in one location and identity every conversion and ROI touchpoint along the way.

  • Integrate with a wide range of leading advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

  • Access real-time performance data no matter where you are via the platform's proprietary Android & iOS mobile apps.

When Shopify store owners have this kind of actionable data in their possession, they can make decisions based on facts, not fiction. You need to have a clear view of what's working and what isn't with your advertising efforts, or else you're essentially operating in the dark.


Precise Honing of Your Marketing Performance

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Predictable, reliable growth can be achieved with Triple Whale thanks to the powerful tools it offers it puts in the hands of its users. Business owners get to learn which ads their Shopify ads came from, highlighting the top-performing channels… and much more.

Shopify retailers can:

  • Attribute Shopify orders back to their source with super-reliable accuracy in order to understand which channels are generating the greatest business impact.

  • Easily conduct an analysis of every ad touchpoint each customer has, such as their purchase journey & distinct conversion rates.

  • Obtain clear insight into the impact of your creatives & how best to optimize them in accordance with the most accurate buyer behaviors.

Over time, this constant stream of useful information gives business owners what they need to precisely hone their marketing performance and achieve optimal efficiency.


Saving That Most Precious Commodity - Time

If there's one thing that all online retailers could do with more of, it's time. Again, thanks to the power of Triple Whale, more of this precious commodity is retained. Much of the legwork is taken care of for platform users so that they can focus on other important tasks. 

Triple Whale offers:

  • Best-in-class, customizable analysis tools that allow users to more easily digest data and minimize the Time-to-Value (TTV)

  • Quick downloading & connecting of data that takes less than 38 minutes to complete from start to finish - saving users lots of time

  • Tangible value within 24 hours of deployment

  • A complete real-time marketing overview via TW's mobile app

There are no DNS changes needed when setting up with TW, and the platform's world-class customer support is there to help you comprehend your data and scale your operation. 

The need for manual reporting is also eliminated, with all data being viewable via a comprehensive, customized dashboard. Furthermore, data from Shopify tech stacks can be connected and analyzed in a single mobile app or browser tab.


Why Top-Tier Shopify Brands Use Triple Whale

When looking at the top-tier Shopify brands that use Triple Whale, you get a sense of just how high-performing this AI-driven platform is.

The company exists in a hotly-contested sector, and it's able to outperform its competitors, not because of how easy it is to use - although the UX on offer is top-notch - but due to the critical insights it provides to marketing teams across the US and beyond.

The most prominent Shopify brands choose the platform ultimately because it delivers something to their bottom line that others can't. It's able to do so because of a host of awesome features and resources placed at the user's disposal.


Clear, Accurate Marketing Attribution With Triple Pixel

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The practice of eCommerce marketing attribution is so important, as advertisers need to know how each and every sale they make has been generated. In order to employ the correct marketing tactics and subsequent customer interactions, it's essential to enjoy a continuous flow of identifying metrics.

Understanding which messages and channels are most likely to inspire buyers to act is key. Triple Whale offers crystal-clear attribution and visibility via its proprietary Triple Pixel (TP) function.


What is Triple Pixel?

Apple's iOS 14.5 update caused chaos for many Shopify brands back in 2021, as it started the trend of browsers blocking traditional tracking efforts. Google is also in the process of completely eliminating 3rd party cookie data by 2024. This cookie-less future isn't such a big problem with Triple Whale.

As we mentioned earlier, it's somewhat reckless to let your Shopify platform metrics guide your marketing decisions. Triple Pixel (TP) is a code snippet that gathers information about web visitors and tracks subsequent activity. It ensures that store owners are no longer buying blind and they're getting attribution they can trust. 

It enables retailers to compare attribution situations and models at the ad, ad set and campaign level, including Click v Last Click and Linear Paid vs Linear All.


Track 1st-Party Customer Data Down to Ad Level

Triple Pixel also has the power to directly track first-party customer-purchase data, right down to ad level, with its unique server-side pixel able to be harnessed to provide instantaneous marketing clarity. Users get to learn where shoppers are coming from, what they're buying and how they can better market to them going forward.


Active Triple Whale Community & Events

The benefits of becoming a Triple Whale customer are clear, but it's just the start of the resources offered as part of the monthly subscription. There are also extensive opportunities to get involved in the TW community and the regularly-held events.

Here's just a flavor of what online business owners can get involved with:

  • Access to Narwhal Nation - a private Slack community that includes brand leaders from over 2,500 D2C operators, as well as 9 expert-owned channels

  • Webinars & other virtual events that allow you to speak with industry experts about opportunities, trends and upcoming TW features

  • Exclusive access to Happy Hours, In-Person Masterminds and much more

Regardless of your expertise or experience, users can get the support and information they need to maximize their marketing campaigns.


Triple Whale Pricing - Within Reach of Most Marketing Budgets

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So, how much of your marketing budget is Triple Whale going to take up? It's actually within reach of most marketing budgets. Of course, the increased ROAS provided by TW will greatly outweigh the initial outlay, but even that is eminently accessible.

The three primary plans offered by TW are structured as follows:

Growth - This is the entry-level plan that gives you everything required to track ad profitability, as well as anywhere/anytime app access to a 360-degree view of your marketing data. This also includes the TW Dashboard, TW Pixel and:

  • Live Chat & Implementation Support
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Post-purchase Surveys
  • Web Analytics
  • Benchmarks

Pro - This is the most widely-enjoyed plan with TW, and it includes everything on offer with the Starter package, but with added AI-powered recommendations, RFM audiences, as well as a number of other useful features:

  • Activity Feed
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Cohort Analysis
  • 60-90 Day LTV analysis
  • Dedicated CSM

With both the Growth and Pro plans, there's an optional $79 Creative Cockpit add-on which gives you the ability to discover creative trends via real-time reports on specific creative types, ads, and ad groups.

Enterprise - This is TW's top package, and it's designed for sustained growth with creative insights, product analysis and cutting-edge AI. You get everything provided with the Growth plan, with the addition of Creative Cockpit for free, and:

  • Strategic QBRs with a TW eCommerce Growth Strategist
  • A dedicated Enterprise CSM
  • Bidirectional API

With every one of the above plans, you can choose to pay annually, which results in a 20% reduction in the overall cost. Also, there's no contractual commitment. Simply sign up for the most suitable package and enjoy the features on a month-to-month basis.


Triple Whale - Delivering Meaningful, Measurable Growth

There's no getting around the fact that Shopify eCommerce store owners need an uninterrupted supply of accurate marketing information to guide their hands. Those that don't have this necessary resource are essentially putting the success of their business in the hands of chance or fate - either way, they're not in control. 

Triple Whale takes all the guesswork out of the situation and delivers a better source of truth that can be installed in seconds. A single snippet of code could be all that's standing between you and reliable, real-time omnichannel attribution data that you can depend on.

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