Trade Show Exhibits: The Tip of The Event Marketing Iceberg

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By Gavin Write
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Have you ever thought about exhibiting your company at a trade show? They are highly effective for gathering leads, meeting new customers, and gaining national or international exposure. To pull it off successfully takes months of preparation and experience in multiple areas including design, construction, and shipping. If you plan on exhibiting in New York, you need to know union trade rules. Hiring a company that knows those kinds of details wherever you plan to exhibit, can reduce the expenses and stresses of putting on a trade show exhibit.

Leverage Experience to Create A Head-Turning Branded Trade Show Presence

As of January 1, 2018, Skyline Genesis, a 30-year-old company, became Genesis Exhibits, New York City’s premier event marketing company secret weapon and resource. Glenn Diehl, the current owner and President of Genesis Exhibits, has also been in the business for over thirty years. Together with his team, they have the experience to help any company promote themselves at tradeshows around New York and around the globe.

Early on, Glenn realized that companies needed much more than just a booth and a banner to pull off a tradeshow successfully.

Why a Trade Show Booth is Not Enough

Many companies can design and build a trade show booth. However, Genesis Exhibits offers complete design and construction services as well as consultations that go well beyond the physical space. For example, once you have your display, what do you do next?

They help with shipping, set up, booth staff training, dismantling, and storage. You get a complete solution for your trade show exhibit. Genesis has a comprehensive resource section on their website that includes FAQs, a glossary, and a section on exhibiting in New York. If you are unsure about the best space for your booth, they offer a Trade Show Space Selection Worksheet that will help you select the best site for your needs.

Happy to report that the show was a major success and we're already closing a few deals directly from it. We had lots of positive comments that the booth was well designed, well-structured and definitely one of the "sexier" ones at the show. Everything arrived back to us in good time. Thank you again for your help and looking forward to working with you again in the future!

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Once you’ve decided on a tradeshow and a booth location, it’s time to design your booth.

How Genesis Exhibits Handles the Design Process

Genesis Exhibits takes a different approach to booth design. Glenn Diehl says, “Don’t design your trade show display just to make you proud.  The goal is to design so that the marketing message speaks to your prospects at the show.” In other words, don’t design for the boss, design to attract attendees which is why you’re attending in the first place.

They’ve prepared a comprehensive list of questions to understand your needs and expectations for your display design to maximize the ROI.

The “Wow Factor” of a Branded Environment

A trade show booth is a focal point of what should be a complete branded environment. Genesis Exhibits helps you build your brand in a way that is recognizable from across the convention floor. With a branded environment, no detail is too small, no image too big to draw your prospects’ attention and stand above your competition. As a partner and buyer of Genesis products, the best event marketing companies leverage the support that firms like Genesis provide to activate in the field.

Every item that a prospect touches, walks on, sits on, or sees should display your company logo and color combinations that relate to your brand.

Choose from a variety of displays based on budget and needs.

Types of Displays

Trade Show Exhibits Blog - Modular Exhibit Rendering

Modular Inline Displays – You can modify this booth to any trade show venue requiring a high-end look and feel.

Trade Show Exhibits Blog - Example of an Island With Space For Tables and Chairs

Island Exhibits
- Relatively lightweight, easy to ship, and can be reconfigured to fit future needs.

Trade Show Exhibits Blog - Portable Display Backdrop

Portable Exhibits – Minimize shipping cost and maximize impact with pop-up trade show displays that are set up without tools or training.

Trade Show Exhibits Custom Branded Booth

Custom Exhibits – Create a brand environment that everyone will want to experience. Twinkling stars, moving clouds, the only limit is your imagination.

Trade Show Exhibits - Rental, Two Levels

Exhibit Rentals – Create stunning brand exhibits for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.

You can find more about pricing and samples on their website along with some excellent trade show tips (like “Dumb Stuff People Do at Trade Shows”).

Your display is just the tip of the iceberg. Before during and after the show, here are the ways they can help you have a successful event.

8 Services Genesis Exhibits Provides Trade Show Clients

Genesis Exhibits creates turnkey designs and logistical solutions for any company needing to exhibit at any tradeshow, anywhere. To learn more about the individual services listed below, go to their Services page.

  • Design for Trade Shows, Event Environments, & Permanent Installations

  • Graphics Production Services

  • Installation and Dismantle

  • Exhibit Management services

  • Booth Warehousing

  • Trade Show Logistics

  • Event Marketing

Three Areas of Consultative Services

  1. Staff Training

  2. Pre, At, & Post Show Promotion

  3. Lead Management

Now that you’ve achieved your goal of attracting new leads at the show let Genesis Exhibits help you follow up.

When the Show Closes That’s When the Real Work Begins

You’ve had a busy time at the show, your booth and environment dazzled the crowd, and the leads poured in. Don’t drop the ball now. All the effort will be in vain if those leads go cold.

Lead management is critical to the overall success and ROI of your exhibit. To that end, Genesis has a Customizable Lead Management Form which you can adapt for both online or offline lead capture. Along with lead management, they partner with you to develop a customized plan to meet the goals and objectives of your trade show program and then measure the actual ROI.

Trade shows can be an expensive risk and require months of planning. When done right, the “one-shot” nature of an event marketing agency trade show can yield dividends for a year or more. Genesis Exhibits can help you at every step of the process from asking the right questions to storing away the last piece of the display and following up on your leads.

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