What Shopify Features Can Boost Your Sales?

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When it comes to improving Shopify sales, all available strategies and Shopify features must be exploited fully. Even though Shopify has provided several highly effective features, a majority of stores fail to take advantage of these functionalities. From abandoned carts to Facebook-Shopify integration, to Shopify experts, to POS, to discount codes, all these aspects can be addressed using Shopify features to boost sales. 


How to Boost Sales Using Shopify Features


1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

According to the research study by Baymard, average online stores have a cart abandonment rate of 69.23%. An abandoned cart refers to the unfavorable situation where a customer selects and adds an item to their carts but abandons the process without a purchase. Even though this percentage is very high, adopting effective strategies to reduce the rate of abandonment provides you with an invaluable opportunity to increase your Shopify sales. The most effective cart abandonment recovery tactic is to exploit in-built Shopify features. 

To reduce the high number of abandoned check-outs, you’ll need to investigate the reasons behind the abandonments. Firstly, some customers can be distracted and forget to complete their purchase. Secondly, a customer can add an item to their cart to check the total price with shipping and taxes. Thirdly, some will intentionally abandon their cart, hoping to capitalize on a discount that may be offered via an abandoned cart email. Regardless of the reason behind the abandonment, customers only add the items they love and want to their carts. This provides you with a window to exploit available strategies to convince or remind the customer to complete the purchase.

  • Retargeting Ads: The fact that customers liked the product enough to add it to their cart implies that the items in abandoned carts provide you a peek into their wants, needs, likes, and desires. You can employ retargeting ads to recover abandoned carts and boost sales by presenting each customer with the exact products that they’ve abandoned in their cart and convince them to go back and complete the purchase.

  • Push notifications: Pop-ups are effective for remarketing to specific customers. Using a push notification app in the Shopify App Store, you can send personalized push notifications with special discounts to customers who have abandoned carts enticing to complete the purchase. Ideally, you should send a notification within 24 hours before their needs or desires are either satisfied by another store or diminished with time.

  • Email: You have to use a captivating subject to entice your customer to open the email and allow your charming words and discount to work their magic. For the standard Shopify plan, you’ll have to email each customer manually, which is tedious. You can upgrade to an ‘advanced’ plan or download an abandoned cart recovery app that emails customers automatically whenever they abandon their cart.

2. Exploit the Power of Discount Codes

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The concept behind “Buy One, Get One” has stood the test of time only because it is highly effective for boosting Shopify sales and customer loyalty. With most of the other Shopify stores launching promotions, can an average store get repeat business without a promotion? Probably not. This is why it is important to create a discount code that offers customers a fixed amount off, percentage of discount, or free shipping whenever they shop on your Shopify website. You can choose to apply a blanket discount to the entire order or several collections or apply a discount on a single product or collection. Additionally, you can set, schedule, and configure the minimum requirements for a customer to be granted a specific discount, for example, regular purchases to reward only the most loyal customers.

3. Take Payments Anywhere With Shopify POS

Shopify has invested in taking its e-Commerce solution to the next level with the introduction of Shopify Payments and Shopify POS. These two features integrate the brick-and-mortar and online POS, offering you the opportunity to improve your Shopify sales by taking payments anywhere. Using Shopify POS, you can cash in on bricks-and-clicks that are increasingly becoming the trend in retail evidenced by the major brands such as Nordstrom and Amazon Go who are exploiting omnichannel experience to drive their online sales. According to PwC, investment in the omnichannel experience increased from 20% in 2018 to more than 80% in 2020. 

Shopify POS is an app that integrates virtual and real-world POS using a card, allowing you to sell your products in-store, online, and on the go. Additionally, this feature was designed to make it much easier to track every purchase. With Shopify POS, you can sell to any customer anywhere and accept any payment. The app automatically links any sales on the go or in-store to your online Shopify account to ensure a balanced account and inventory.

4. Shopify-Facebook Integration

Technologically empowered customers cannot be satisfied by only offering quality products and services. Regardless of the level of quality of your products and services, customers of the digital age demand convenience. The fact that most customers access their Facebook accounts via mobile phones implies that you offer your products on Facebook. First, recreate your shop on your Facebook page. Second, go to Settings > Sales Channels > Add Sales Channel > Facebook. With a ‘shop’ tab on your Facebook page, customers seeking to connect with friends and family will soon be acting on their impulses and buy more and more products straight from you without the need to redirect to your website. Using an API, allows you to manage payments and inventory in one place because the Facebook store syncs automatically with your Shopify account.

5. Add Live Chat to your Shopify Website

The lack of human touch in online transactions is one of the main impediments to higher sales. Offering the highest level of customer experience (CX) is an effective tried-and-tested strategy for boosting sales. To this end, you can improve Shopify sales by earning customers’ trust using live chat sessions. Also, fast responses to customers’ questions in real-time enhance their decision-making and psychologically drives them to buy the selected product or service. 

6. Auto-Calculate Shipping Prices for Each Customer

Even after enticing a new customer with ads that led them to your website and your perfectly priced product enticed them to add it to their cart, you can still lose that sale only because of steep shipping and handling rates. You can improve Shopify sales by using ‘real-time carrier shipping,’ which will enable you to use the location of each customer along with the size or weight of the product to calculate the exact shipping cost. First, activate the ‘Advanced Shopify’ plan. Second, choose a specific carrier such as UPS, FedEx, and so on to calculate the handling and shipping rates.

7. Create Customer Profiles

Your business can benefit immensely if your customers create their profile account before they check out. With customer profiles, you can easily track and identify customers who buy specific items from your Shopify store regularly. Use their information and purchase history to target your emails more effectively to improve Shopify sales. Go to Settings then navigate to check-out to track purchase history and set up the customer accounts section to “required” or “optional.”

Use Shopify Experts

Regardless of whether it's business or personal, getting advice from an expert in the field is the most efficient alternative to resolving the issue at hand. Shopify takes this philosophy at heart by promoting a handful of highly experienced partners with expertise in programming, design, marketing, and photography. You can use Shopify Experts to maximize all the benefits bestowed by your online store fully. And if you're new to Shopify and want to start, Shopify offers a Free Trial that you can test-drive for 30 days to see how you like the platform and the features.

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