Top 5 Benefits of HubSpot CRM

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Digital marketing has continued to evolve, and the changes witnessed today would have been deemed impossible less than two decades ago. In the past, marketers had to collate and manage leads manually, and while effective, this practice had its own challenges. For starters, it was a time-consuming, and speedy response to inquiries wasn't as easy as it should be. Furthermore, it consumed a lot of time, thereby distracting marketers from other aspects of their personal and work life. Then came HubSpot CRM as well as other CRM systems, and the game changed.

If you have not started using the services of a HubSpot Expert or are unfamiliar with how to start, a good idea would be to consult our agency team and we will setup a personalized demo for you; specifically tailored to your industry and business model. Just hit Get Started and let us know what you're most interested in. Now, let's take a look at some of the benefits and features.

What is a HubSpot CRM System?

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular and widely used customer relationship management apps on the internet. This platform is so user-friendly that it went on to win the award for the best CRM in 2019. For new entrepreneurs who may not know what HubSpot CRM is all about, this platform is one that aids the user in expediting sales and marketing workflow on the go without making too many changes to existing structures. Many companies that do online marketing quickly recognized the value it provides; integrating it into their current sales and customer relationship management processes.

HubSpot CRM is very easy to use, and it also has so many features that are not as complex as other CRM alternatives. So much so that beginners and early entrants into the online marketing space can get the hang of it in no time. With HubSpot CRM, you can design very attractive online profiles for your brand and neatly organize every major detail involving communication with your leads, prospects, and customers.

HubSpot CRM also allows you to track your performance and communication on different networks and offers you a clear view of all the activities of team members in a single dashboard for easy analysis.

In terms of integrating with another app, HubSpot is regarded as one of the best because it offers an efficient integration value. It can integrate popular apps like Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier, Shopify, Salesforce, and many other online tools commonly used by digital marketers. One other effective feature that comes to mind is HubSpot marketing for aligning your strategic efforts for web traffic improvement and sales conversion increases.

As an online entrepreneur, here are two major problems HubSpot CRM aims to solve.

Answers To Business Questions

An enterprise with a very small clientele may not have issues keeping track of who their customers are or where they are, but as it grows in size, this may become a problem. Without relevant customer information, your team members will not be able to answer questions like

  • Who are our customers?

  • Where are they located geographically?

  • How do we contact them to introduce our new products?

  • What does our current business pipeline look like?

Communication Between Customers

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If your customers or prospects feel that you do not understand what their needs are, they may feel disconnected, and this may lead to loss of sales. Understanding what your customers or prospects want is only possible if you have some sort of information about them. With this data, you can determine with a high degree of certainty, their current state, their wants, and their expectations of you.

These are essential problems that a Customer Relationship Management System is designed to solve. If you had to source for customer information from different platforms, you may not be able to expedite your marketing action as quickly as you should, but from a single, central location, you and your team can gain a healthy insight into the current state of your business’ relationship with your customers — courtesy of HubSpot CRM.

When Should You Start?

This is one very common question many marketers ask HubSpot experts, and it is a very valid one. No matter how effective a tool is, not knowing when or how to deploy it is as useless as not having the tool at all. To reap the greatest possible benefits associated with the usage of HubSpot CRM, you need to know when the time is right to utilize it. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself and your team members before making a decision as to whether to use it or not.

  • Is information about your customers littered across multiple platforms or sources?

  • Is there a need for you to maintain a central platform for all your customers and leads for ease of use?

  • Do you have customers who regularly interact with several members of your team on a daily or weekly basis?

  • Does your team have a hard time keeping track of previous conversations with a customer?

  • Does your team have a structured process of operation?

  • Do you seek a better way to measure productivity?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you definitely need to hire a HubSpot Agency or manage a HubSpot CRM on your own if you can.

Benefits of Using HubSpot CRM

The Image Of HubSpot App Ecosystem

Now that we know what HubSpot CRM is and the value it offers businesses let’s bring it closer home by identifying some of the benefits of adopting the system for your personal growth.


1. HubSpot CRM is FREE

The first thing you need to know is that this management system has a free version. The numerous functions that the free version provides are a great way to get started. Although there are several free software and tools online that offer business owners different benefits at no cost, they offer very little in terms of value. HubSpot CRM, on the other hand, offers you a wide range of integrated features and functionality right out the gate.


2. Social Management Features

A lot of businesses sell via social media, and if yours is one of them, you definitely need this system. HubSpot CRM can be connected to your official social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through any of these mediums, you can extract customer data of use to you and even personalize your emails to customers and prospects.


3. Website Integration

Although the free version does not offer this feature, you can enjoy it if you subscribe to the premium version. HubSpot premium has several add-ons features, one of which is the Website integration feature. This feature will notify you when a lead visits your website. You can find out the pages or information they viewed on your site and make marketing decisions based on that.


4.  Communication Tracking

Another benefit you stand to enjoy is communication tracking. It allows you to document information of prospective customers and creates a pipeline for you to send emails directly from your platform. There is even a feature that allows users to record phone calls with customers. This provides helpful insights for future decision making.


5. HubSpot Marketing Integration

For those who are already using HubSpot’s marketing system, they can fully integrate it with any CRM of their choice. This makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to communicate in real-time while going about their respective duties. Once a lead visits your platform, you will have all the relevant information in one place rather than in two or more other platforms. This saves you time and stress.

Sales Marketing

Sales marketing is a very competitive field, and the stakes will only continue to rise in the coming years. The key to successful marketing comes down to responding to the needs of your customers as quickly as possible. Also, identifying prospects and turning them into customers is one of the keys to success as far as sales and growth is concerned. And as you now know, collating the personal information of your leads is the very first step before anything else. This is why the utilization of HubSpot CRM is a smart choice and easy choice when it comes to SMB and mid-market businesses. Give HubSpot a try today or contact our HubSpot Experts for a demo of the platform tailored to your business goals.

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