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By Gavin Write
A Happy Young Woman Working On Her Laptop Remotely Using Time Doctor Software

It was about 4,000 years ago in Babylon where we find the first recorded evidence of wage control. The Code of Hammurabi spelled out precise payments for specific services such as:

  • If a man hires a field-laborer, he shall give him eight gur of corn per annum.

  • If an ass has been hired for threshing, ten QA of corn is its hire.

Today, if we are going to pay the right “gur” or “QA” of corn or other currency, we need to track the time that each person works on a task.

The first punch time clock of the industrial age was the Bundy Clock. Manufactured in 1888 by the Bundy Manufacturing Company, they would later become IBM. Although punch clocks evolved, they still only logged employees’ time in and out until they began linking with computers in the 1970s. Management had to assume the worker was doing his job for the entire pay period.

With the advent of global and omnichannel eCommerce, it is critical to monitor time and productivity throughout the system regardless of a worker’s location or shift. Ecommerce work from home options are expanding, and there are systems and processes that are vital for properly quantifying your workforce's productivity. 

Time Doctor software is essential for accounting, payroll, and management to monitor time for retail employees, support staff, or remote contractors.

Advantages of Time Doctor

Having an intuitive time tracker allows business owners and managers to streamline processes for:

  1. Accounting accuracy – It syncs with FreshBooks Cloud Accounting or Intuit QuickBooks to make invoicing fast and easy.

  2. Faster payroll reconciliation – Seamlessly integrates with Payroll Hero, Teamwork Projects, or Workflow Max to make payroll almost automatic.

  3. Analyze performance and productivity through screenshots and keyboard activity – Authorized users can review a detailed analysis of time spent including breaks.

Time Doctor is like having a boss in every office monitoring every station, without being overbearing.

Why Use Time Doctor to Track Productivity?

How can you tell how much time your remote workers are wasting if you don’t track it? Time tracking can uncover trends for process improvement. For example, identifying patterns for peak and slow productivity periods during the day.

“Trust but Verify.” This Russian proverb was used by President Ronald Regan on more than one occasion and is highly appropriate when it comes to knowing how your remote contractors are working. Time Doctor is one of the only productivity apps that lets you “verify” by tracking time, screenshots, keyboard, and mouse usage. And, it allows you to “trust” by making all these features optional. Depending on the level of scrutiny you require, you can turn off these monitoring features as appropriate.

Time Doctor is the solution for busy marketers who hire workers globally and need to know that they are doing their jobs.

Comprehensive Time Tracking Features

Time Tracking Popup Screenshot

Once you’ve set up your account, invite your employees to join. When they are in the system, you’ll be able to see reports of their work activity. There are options to enable screenshots, change the frequency, monitor keyboard activity, and other controls.

They offer fully customizable reporting capabilities.

Here are the reports and features that make Time Doctor the choice of thousands of businesses and individuals.


Time Use Report

Time Tracking Weekly Report Screen Example

It displays a list of tasks, projects, and times broken down by the employee and shows all tasks your employees worked on in one report. Filter by selecting users and the date range.


Web & App Usage Report

Time Tracking Screen Capture Examples

Time Doctor displays the list of apps and websites your employees used along with the time spent on each.

If you opt to capture screenshots, the default is every 9 minutes, but you can adjust it. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge each screenshot and see the time, keyboard, and mouse activity.

At a glance, you can tell if time spent was on the computer (Green bar), manually edited (Yellow bar), or on a mobile device (Blue Bar). Hover over any bar to see what the task and project were at that time.


Provide Transparent Access for Your Clients

Give your clients access to your Time Doctor data. You control the level of access to user and project information. White label the login so clients can log in under your domain without seeing Time Doctor branding. They can view screenshots and reports on the status of their projects.


Chat Time Reporting

Time Tracking Report Showing Time Spent Chatting With Team Members

Do you or your team seem to spend a lot of unnecessary time in meetings or on calls? Now you can prove it by monitoring the time spent on these activities. Document with whom they met and the time lost.



Integrates with Many Other Productivity Apps

Logos Of Productivity Apps That Integrate With Time Doctor Apps ImagePull data from software that you already use. Time Doctor integrates with 32 CRM, payment, and collaboration platforms like Trello, Asana, Basecamp3, and many more.


Complete Mobility for Road Warriors

Time Doctor’s mobile app includes a GPS tracking feature for contractors and employees who are on the road. It has full management reporting available to or from any mobile device.

Pay in Any Currency and Payment Method

Time Doctor offers a payroll feature allowing you to pay your team in any currency through payment gateways like PayPal. It also features customizable pay periods.

Time Doctor is a brilliant, intuitive, simple to use but a robust tool for managing my virtual offices all over the world ... and there are actual human beings, nice human beings, that will help you. Try it!

Brett Savage, CEO - NextPhaseLeadership.com

About Time Doctor

Starting in 2012, they have grown into a company with a distributed team of 80 people from 23 countries working together. Even the two co-founders live in two separate countries. Liam Martin hails from Montreal, Canada, and Rob Rawson lives in Sydney, Australia.

They understand what their customers need because they face the same challenges every working day when it comes to tracking time remotely.

Tracking Productivity is Like Finding Lost Money

Everyone gets distracted or procrastinates now and then. But, that’s not good if you are the one paying for it. Time Tracking and productivity monitoring help keep your team focused even if they are on the other side of the world.

Time tracking is a two-way street. It protects the workers as much as the owners by keeping everything open and honest.

To find out more, check out this quick video overview of the program. You can try it free for 14-days. For freelancers, they offer a solo plan for $5 per month. The Custom plan is $9.99 per month and provides access to the entire suite of productivity monitoring tools.

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