Summertime Events and Experiential Marketing Tactics

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Sprite Quick Shower Booth Set Up On A Beach For An Experiential Marketing Event

As the hot summer days take over, customers will be heading down to the beach, pool, and their favorite place for vacation. We know that summer is good for tourism-based businesses like retail, but some types of companies know that they need to work hard to get their product and service noticed.

Every summertime business needs attention and the best brand activation to support the vision and execution of the best programs.

Even that prime spot on the boardwalk will need a great summertime marketing campaign to keep up with their competitors. In your toolkit, you will need targeted communications and messages, a community event, an online contest, and advertised discounts.

These are the summer marketing tactics that you can employ to increase the success of your business during the time that consumers are out and engaging with brands through experiential marketing.

Your Marketing Message Should be Fun and Appealing

It’s important to have an attractive message for your summertime marketing that appeals to customers. If you don’t, then maybe you want to just avoid marketing for the season. Some businesses will not be able to create the right message no matter how much they try.

For example, a snowboard shop will not be able to sell too many items during the summer months because the message will just not be appealing at that time. However, if your products are relevant to the warm summer crowd, create fun messaging that makes them connect emotionally with your brand.

You can use paint on the windows, or chalk on the street to captivate the potential customer’s attention or create seasonal artwork that includes a few messages about a discount or other great offers. To take it a step further, try and incorporate similar summertime messages into your direct mail or email marketing newsletters.

In another expose, we showcase the most popular summertime tactic of them all, extreme experiential vehicles; something that every beach-goer or traveler to a festival has seen.

Summer Sale

One of the most simple summer advertising and marketing tactics is to offer discounts because a 10% reduction in price can persuade some customers to decide to buy. However, it all depends on the product and market. People in some markets are more price-sensitive than others.

So sometimes a discount will not increase the sales if the price sensitivity is low, or the discount is not deep enough to persuade. So conduct some research to understand your consumers. Always create a fun reason for having a sale; so that people don’t think anything is wrong with your product or service.

Desperation has never been a good form of marketing. Increase the appeal of your sale by connecting it to something like a holiday, the weather, or a community affair.

Contest, Sweepstakes, and Giveaways

Marketing that works to create excitement in the summertime is more likely to engage the customers. You can host an online social media contest with various giveaways to drive traffic. Remember you don’t need to have a large prize to get people interested because research has shown that a small prize is just as effective as a large prize.

An ice cream shop may offer a daily chance to win a free scoop for anyone who shares or likes or tweets on social media. This will help to get people into your retail location from online.

There are plenty of other great summertime marketing concepts and new ideas are always popping up. We never run out of new technology to leverage in order to make the summertime events fun, and profitable for clients but the key is to innovate, delight, and excite customers with memorable experiences.

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