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By Gavin Write
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If you need to copy information from your computer screen, why bother with paid apps when you can press the “Prt Sc” key for free? The reason is, once you’ve captured your screen now what will you do with it? Not much other than pasting, cropping, or resizing.

What if you need more than just a static picture of the screen like capturing a long webpage, scrolling screen, or spreadsheet data that doesn’t fit in a single page? The editing tools are too basic for tasks such as blurring part of the image, grabbing text from another source, or capturing and editing a video.

But, there is one app that provides an all-in-one screen capture tool with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording. We use this tool regularly and it has changed our workflow for the better. It’s Snagit by TechSmith.

Convey Messages Faster with Edited Screen Captures

In any business, especially eCommerce, getting your point across quickly and effectively is crucial.

Snagit helps you capture vital information straight off the screen so you can show problems to the tech department or solutions to your customers at the help desk. How about sharing media on social pages, product pages, training materials, or presentations?

Here are three reasons why your tech support team should be using screen capture. Or, how about nine ways screen capture will make your life easier?

Here are the four ways you can clarify your message.

  1. The Basic Screenshot – When you just need to share something like an issue with a bug, an error message, troubleshooting, or data reporting like a graph. Want to know more? Here are four types of screenshots you should start using immediately.

  2. Scrolling Screen Capture – When you need more or focused information from the screen or multiple screens such as a multi-page document or scrolling map. With screen capture, you can make a short video explanation.

  3. Capture Animations – Instead of piecing together static images, capture the entire animation.

  4. Record or Create a Screencast – Make slide shares, VSLs, tutorials, and explainer videos with just a few clicks.

A screenshot is a single picture captured and saved as an image file. Without the benefit of the screen capture and editing capabilities, you’ll have a tough time trying to use your screenshot in a document or turn it into a video. Snagit is the only screen capture tool with built-in image editing and screen recording.

Convert Boring Information into Digestible Chunks

It can be challenging to explain new products, promotions, training materials, or any lengthy complicated document without visual elements. Without Snagit, the process requires significant efforts from the marketing department or graphics department. Simple screenshots must be manually combined and organized with a special image editing program. Snagit features a powerful image editor allowing you to break down complex ideas into manageable, easy-to-follow steps with just a few screenshots or short videos.

Easily drag and drop arrows, text boxes, and more to make an image that is easy to understand.

We have more than a thousand records per quarter, so Snagit saves us a tremendous amount of time and provides significant improvements.

Andrea Hochstrasser, Marketing Planning Manager Competec Group

Quick-Access Toolbar and Easy to Use Features

Here are some of the useful features used by over 4 million businesses:

1.  Snagit Capture Function

Snagit Screen Capture Software Red Capture Button

Use the tool to capture both images and videos from your screen. The default setting uses the all-in-one capture tool, but you can select a video or image and then click the big red “Capture” button to record the shot. You can even set a custom hotkey for screen captures.

2.  The Selection Tool

Snagit Selection Tool Outlining an Image On a Computer Screen

Once you hit the screen capture button, you’ll see a pair of orange crosshairs. Depending upon the cursor’s position, Snagit automatically selects either regions inside a window, the entire window, or the whole screen. Use the arrows to capture a scrolling window.

Once you’ve chosen the screenshot, it goes to the editor by default. You can keep snapping more screenshots or edit right away.

The magnifier icon lets you choose a custom region down to the pixel, saving you hours of editing whitespace.

3.  The Snagit Editor and Drawing Tools

Screenshot Of Snagit Editor Tools

The Snagit Editor may look basic, but there are plenty of options in the drop-down menus.

Each editing and drawing tool in Snagit comes with a Quick Styles menu. Customize your properties and save them to your Quick Styles. If you do a lot of editing, this will save time and keep your edits consistent across projects. Some of the 17 drawing tools besides move and crop include:

  • Callout - directs attention to an element in an illustration

  • Arrow – points to the location on the image you want your reader to notice

  • Step – add numeric steps for instructions

  • Blur – Makes a portion of the image illegible like a face, license plate, or logo

  • Text - extract from another source then paste and edit without having to retype them

  • Shapes and more

Their editing tools are user-friendly, and there is no need for a designer.

You have total creative control with effects that include border, edges, perspective, page curl, shadow, filters, color adjustment, color replacement, spotlight, magnify, and watermark.

4.  Panoramic Capture

Example of Snagit Panoramic Screen Capture Lines Extending Below the Fold On Screen

Think of this like the panorama feature on your phone’s camera. You can “sweep” objects that are too large for one screen. It’s perfect for multiple page shots or a Google map route.

5.  Video Capture

Sample Image of Snagit's Video Capture Tool

Open Snagit, choose a video, map the area on the screen and record yourself speaking. It immediately captures your video, and it’s ready for playback. Save it or upload it to your YouTube account. It only takes a few clicks to make a ready-to-view video, and it works well for creating any lesson or explainer video.

28 Years of Experience Getting Your Point Across

Snagit has been in business since 1990 helping 30 million users in over 180 countries communicate better. The software has been continuously upgraded ever since to keep up with the demand and rapid pace of technology.

Their goal is to help you “share important information without wasting time or being ignored.”

Snagit offers a variety of support for FAQ to chat and phone support should the need arise.

Even if your screen doesn’t show the whole page, Snagit makes quick work of that by capturing a full-page screenshot with just a click of the button. Whether it’s horizontal, vertical, and even a scrolling page, Snagit can capture that with ease.

Try the Full Version Free

Snagit offers a full-version free trial for 15-days. You can download Snagit for Windows or Mac. Once the test is over, Snagit provides six levels of enterprise pricing packages starting at $49.95, installed on 2 machines per user. Volume discount rates also apply.

Of all the information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual. As opposed to text, visuals are processed 60,000x faster.

eLearning Industry

Paint a Clear Picture for Better Communication and Collaboration

Marketing companies and IT departments use the software for documenting error messages, creating user documentation and training materials that are easily understood. It has proven to save any sized business time and money. Even companies with hundreds of workstations report set up taking less than half a day.

With their quick-access toolbar and easy-to-use screen, it makes explaining matters and certain web design tasks a lot easier. Their user-friendly software allows any employee to work with little or no training. Reduce the time to create high-quality videos and images. Snagit helps you deliver your communication effectively. Another useful tool for designers and marketers is Marvel design platform

Visit, the creators of Snagit, For more information. They have a great blog with a ton of articles on creating engaging and effective content with screenshots, images, and video.

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