Top Shopify Plus Skincare Brands Using Loyalty Programs

Top Shopify Plus Skincare Brands Using Loyalty Programs

Customer brand loyalty is a form of attachment either to the same company’s products or services. These customers demonstrate their commitment through repeat purchases. Brand loyalty is essential to any eCommerce retailer because it increases customer retention, purchase frequency, and Average Order Value (AOV).

Most online businesses generate anywhere from 25% to 40% of their total revenue from returning shoppers. Regarding customer acquisition, a skincare loyalty program costs retailers six to seven times less than a lead generation campaign for new customers.

With a well-designed and executed loyalty program, customers can become positive brand advocates.

Following are the loyalty program examples from successful skincare brands on Shopify Plus.

What is Shopify Plus?

If you are not yet familiar with Shopify Plus, here is a quick explanation.

Shopify is the perfect platform to start an eCommerce business. This is because they offer multiple features that can boost your sales. As eCommerce stores grow into the $1 million to $2 million range, brands need greater flexibility, functionality, and support. That’s when eCommerce retailers experience the advantages of Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus offers more customization. Additionally, it supports multi-channel integrations, abandoned cart recovery, and multi-currency selling. It’s the logical next step when online stores need increased speed and loading times due to higher volume. Part of the advantage is the bandwidth and customization to manage the loyalty program.

Shopify Plus Skincare Retailers & Their Loyalty Programs

Here are seven of the skincare loyalty programs that are doing well.

1. Ren Clean Skincare

Shopify Skincare Agency Graphic Featuring Two Young Ladies Smiling Over A Chart

Source: REN Beauty

For over 20 years, REN Clean Skincare has been a recognizable, international brand. They created a strong brand identity both online and offline. However, they felt they could improve customer retention. Working with a eCommerce loyalty platform, their team developed a fully customized customer loyalty program.

They named the program “Clean Rewards” and set up an integrated page. Visitors will quickly notice the orange “EARN REWARDS” text link in the top navbar from every page. When customers visit the page, they can sign up to earn points immediately. Members can see their point balance and value.

A 3-Tiered Loyalty Program

Ren’s Clean Rewards is a three-tiered program. The first level, “Starter,” is free. The second level, “Boss,” requires an annual spend of $250 and $500 to achieve the “Champion” status. You can view the table here.

The three-tiered system creates a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by incentivizing higher spending. At the second tier, customers earn 2 points per $1, and Champions earn 3 points for each $1 spent.

More Points and Better Incentives

The Clean Rewards program gives shoppers $10 off for every 100 points they redeem. Members redeem the points for money-off vouchers right from their dashboard.

Other incentives include following on Instagram, the member’s birthday, and joining their mailing list.

Better Brand Engagement

Writing and posting a review will earn an additional 50 Clean Credits. The program also helps encourage members to become brand advocates by giving them 200 points for every “friend” they refer.

So, what has the Clean Rewards program achieved for REN?

REN’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

68% higher customer spend

  • 63% higher average number of orders
  • 10% higher AOV by loyalty program members
  • 72% higher repeat purchase rates

The overall skincare loyalty program is a success, with members generating 38% of revenue.

2. Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty Marketing Loyalty Program Rules Highligt For Online Customers

Source: Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty took a different approach when setting up its integrated skincare rewards page. The link is a discreet, green-colored tab on the lower left of the screen that says “Farmacy Rewards.” It’s on every page so people can quickly find it.

A Single Level Rewards Program

Farmacy Beauty’s rewards program is a single-tier program where each $1 spent equals one point. The reward is 5% of the spending amount at each goal point. For example, redeem 100 points for a $5 reward, 200 points for $10, 400 points for $20, and 600 points for a $30 coupon.

The Farmacy Beauty non-tiered loyalty program builds lasting relationships and nurtures customers.

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

They have five ways for customers to earn points other than shopping, including 50 points just for joining. Shoppers earn points for liking Farmacy Beauty on Facebook, following Instagram, writing a product review, and as a birthday gift.

They offer a 20% discount for all US healthcare workers and first responders in a separate program. It’s Farmacy’s way of thanking its members during the COVID19 pandemic and building loyalty with that demographic.

Additionally, people who subscribe for Auto-Delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months get an automatic 10% discount. Farmacy makes it simple to sign up for Auto-Ship as it’s available on every product page and during checkout.

Farmacy Beauty’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

Farmacy Beauty’s loyalty program members spend 58% more when compared to guest visitors.

"LoyaltyLion has been instrumental in helping us identify specific strategies to increase the value of our best customers and expand the membership of the program. We have seen a 164% increase in our loyalty base this year alone. With their partnership, we have tailored our loyalty communications to better address customer needs"

- Farmacy Employee

3. Spoiled Mama

Spoiled Mama Customer Retention Rewards Program Sign Up Instructions

Source: Spoiled Mama

When shoppers visit Spoiled Mama’s rewards page, a pop-up offers a chance to spin the wheel for one of five prizes, including discounts and free shipping.

Spoiled Mama targets expectant mothers with cosmetics just for them. The skincare rewards page is easy to find with the REWARDS tab in the top navbar. It has a drop-down menu with three options, “My VIP Points,” “Join Rewards,” and “EARN $10 NOW.”

A 3-Tiered Loyalty Program

Spoiled Mama’s “VIP” skincare rewards system has three levels that they named “Babe,” “Bestie,” and “Spoiled AF.” Each tier earns more points and value. Members earn double points for Bestie and triple points for Spoiled AF.

Re-vamping our rewards program with Loyalty Lion has changed how we interact with our Mamas in the best way! We're a fun bunch here at The Spoiled Mama and we wanted our rewards program to reflect that. Our VIP tiers represent how we want our Mamas to feel-- that we're here for them and want them to feel Spoiled! Because we cater to pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding moms, we want to make sure they come back to us in the future or think of us when their friends decide to have babies and/or baby showers. We feel that all Mamas deserve to be spoiled and rewarded! Loyalty Lion has helped us achieve this and as far as Shopify Plus apps go, it has been one of our "besties".

- Tamara Johnson, CEO & Founder of The Spoiled Mama

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

Besides shopping, Spoiled Mama offers six ways to earn more points by referring a friend, having a birthday, sharing on Instagram, creating an account, and each time members visit.

Customers can use points to earn discounts on purchases.

4. Pacifica Beauty

Rewards Strategy Example From An Online Skincare Company

Source: Pacifica Beauty

To access Pacifica’s skincare rewards program, visitors must click the icon that looks like a wrapped present in the top right of each page. They call their program Girl Code Rewards.

A 3-Tiered Loyalty Program

The three loyalty levels include “Friend,” who gets 1 point per $1 spent, “Girl Crush” gets double points after spending $200, and “Bestie” gets triple points after spending $500.

The Girl Crush member also receives early access to new product launches, a free $10 gift, and two free shipping vouchers. The Bestie Forever Member gets free shipping on all orders, early access to new product launches, access to exclusive events and private sales, and a gift on their birthday.

Pacifica Beauty uses In-Cart Rewards to improve sales. As customers shop, they can see the value of their cart and how many points they have to redeem to get their next reward.

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

Other point incentives include referring a friend, following Pacifica on Social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and writing a product review.

Pacifica also has a special incentive Recycle Program. When customers send up to eight plastic items for recycling, they earn 100 points in the Girl Code Loyalty Program. 100 points = a $3 voucher with the point tiers set at 250, 500, 750, and 1,000. They use Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material in their packaging, which is why they make an incentive to send empties to their recycling program.

Pacifica’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

Pacifica Beauty increased its AOV by 22% from skincare loyalty program members.

“Taking loyalty to the next level and beyond! LoyaltyLion is a game changing loyalty platform that up-levels our customer experience. LoyaltyLion provides suggestions and insights that soar with marketing potential to help maintain, engage and even win back our customers. We love it.”

- Kimberli Harvey, Social Media Marketing Director of Pacifica Beauty

5. Velour Beauty

Screenshot Of A Marketing Loyalty Program Of A Beauty eCommerce Brand Velour

Source: Velour Beauty

Velour Beauty is the queen when it comes to eyelashes. Their VIP rewards program has the “REWARDS” tab displayed prominently on the top navbar.

A Points for Products Loyalty Program

Instead of redeeming points for discounts or purchase vouchers, Velour redeems points for specific products. For example, members can trade in 260 points for a set of eyelashes or 250 points for a Fluff ‘n Brow Pencil.

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

Velour Beauty’s skincare rewards program pays 1 point for every dollar spent. There are four ways to earn the points, join the program, refer a friend, have a birthday, and write a product review.

Velour Beauty’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

This Canadian-based company earns approximately $5million in revenue. Since implementing the program, Velour has experienced a bump in AOV of over 12%.

“Not only is LoyaltyLion an excellent app that makes it easy to set up and manage customer retention and drive repeat purchases – the team at LoyaltyLion is always there to support and guide best practices along the way.”

- Caitlin Copetti, Senior Marketing Manager at Velour


6. 100% Pure

Tiered Digital Loyalty Program Of A Beauty Brand 100% Pure

Source: 100% Pure

Omnichannel cosmetic retailer 100% Pure uses “Purist Perks” to help incentivize their customers to buy. This skincare loyalty program example uses “multi-link” to integrate individual shoppers’ accounts across 12 Shopify POS systems and one Shopify Plus store. Shoppers retain their individuality and status whether they buy in-store or from mobile.

A 3-Tiered Loyalty Program

The three tiers of this skincare loyalty program are “Enthusiast,” “Activist,” and “Revolutionist.” To reach the Activist level requires an annual spend of $250, and Revolutionists must spend $750.

They also offer a subscription program that provides customers with 15% off and free shipping when they subscribe.

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

Shoppers earn 1 point per $1 spent across all three tiers. Other ways to add points to the account are creating an account, writing a review, “like” them on Facebook, following Twitter and Instagram, and having a birthday.

100% Pure’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

Since its inception, 100% Pure has experienced four times less customer churn, and members spend 72% more than non-members. Another interesting statistic is that 92% of members who purchase four times will repurchase five more times.

7. Mirenesse

Side-By-Side Comparison Of A Marketing Loyalty Program Tiers Of Mirenesse Brand

Source: Mirenesse

Australian Makeup and skincare brand Mirenesse created the highly successful Love Rewards program. Members get “Love Points,” which they can redeem for discounts, rewards, and exclusive surprises.

A Dual-Tiered Loyalty Program

There are two tiers to the program, Onyx, and Gold, formerly the VIP level.

The Onyx membership is free, and members earn 1 Love Point for every $1 spent. They can redeem 100 points for a $5 store credit.

The Gold is a paid membership. For $10 per month, members earn 2 points per $1 and get additional perks such as free shipping on all orders, exclusive rewards, secret sales, and the opportunity to be on the tester panel.

Shopping Points and Other Incentives

New members receive signup points of 100 for Onyx and 200 for Gold. Additional methods to rack up points are referring a friend, writing a favorite product review, and sharing on social media.

Mirenesse’s Customer Loyalty Program Success

The Love Rewards Program motivated members to spend 73% more than non-members, with up to 69% more repeat purchases.

What Makes an Effective Skincare Brand Loyalty Program?

Skincare brands must develop a loyalty program that is creative, easy to use and delivers a personalized experience. Customer loyalty programs that go the extra mile to be spontaneous will keep their brand on top of shoppers’ minds. Consider sending out rewards when customers aren’t explicitly buying, such as National Acne Awareness Month (June), National Healthy Skin month (November), or any reason you can tie into your brand for fun.

Create a tiered program where the top tier is an exclusive club. Provide these members with experiential rewards such as exclusive fashion shows or free facials. People can’t wait to brag about their experience on social media, giving the brand excellent publicity.

Is It Time to Revamp Your Store’s Loyalty Program?

To improve customer retention, eCommerce stores need to upgrade their loyalty programs continually. Make sure the program is easy to find, sign up, and offer personalized skincare rewards appropriate to the level each customer spends.

If your company’s program could use a fresh start, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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