The Benefits of Shoppable Social Media for eCommerce Stores

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Until recently, people looking to buy products online would need to visit a retail website or use an app. However, there is a new online feature, shoppable social media, and it offers a range of benefits both to the customer and the consumer.

Its emergence is a logical step when you consider that 50% of Generation Z shoppers use social media while they shop. Additionally, it’s a modern retail paradigm that can be leveraged not just by big brands to attract customers, but also by small businesses to help them grow. Keep on reading to learn more about this useful eCommerce marketing tool. For additional information, check out this resource on the benefits of social commerce

What Is Shoppable Content?

Two Women On Couch Viewing Shoppable Content On Social Media

Shoppable content is a social media image, ad, video, and/or post that customers can click and purchase from without being directed off of the platform.

Some content types require a customer to complete their purchase on the brand's eCommerce website. However, the most effective content tends to offer a seamless experience where everything is done in one place, reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are all platforms that support this kind of functionality and offer seamless in-app checkout options. Social eCommerce sales are expected to exceed $4.2 trillion in 2022, illustrating its importance to retailers.

The Benefits of Social Media Shops

Including social media eCommerce in your marketing strategy comes with a number of advantages to the customer and the retailer. The following are some of the benefits this marketing strategy offers: 

  • Quick & Easy Checkout - The average global cart abandonment rate is just over 71%. Social shopping makes things seamless, which in turn reduces your cart abandonment rate.

  • Collect Consumer Data - Selling through social media means that you can grow your customer base by capturing their details while on the platforms.

  • Increase Customer Referrals -  Customers can easily share and refer your products with friends making them 4x more likely to buy a product.

What also can’t be forgotten is that people are using social networks regardless, so they’re already there, and they’re using them every day! This means that there are an ever-present 3.6 billion people on social media that can be targeted extremely precisely.

Extending your reach significantly is eminently possible, and this is an environment that social media users trust. It’s essentially the power of word-of-mouth on a grand scale.

Facebook Shop Features

Facebook is one of the major platforms that support this mobile-first shopping experience. The service allows you as a retailer to merchandise products while keeping your brand voice and style consistent throughout all channels.

Several features that can be used to drive sales are:

  • Discoverable products on the main Facebook Page.
  • Collections allow collating of between 6 & 30 products.
  • An instagram or Facebook Shoppable storefront.

It’s also possible to connect your Facebook shop to Windows Messenger and WhatsApp. This provides a convenient channel for questions to be answered and support to be given. Additionally, customers can look for you either by searching for your profile, via ads, or through stories. 

Instagram Shopping Features

Woman Live Streaming Showing eCommerce Shoppable Social Media Products To Viewers

Instagram, is a high-quality image and video-based platform that provides a convenient shopping experience for the consumer.

Features offered include:

  • A customizable storefront
  • A direct shopping experience
  • Product detail pages that show customers relevant product info
  • Companies can extend to external partners to increase product reach

When done correctly, Instagram shopping offers an intuitive and smooth shopping experience that harnesses what is essentially a de facto captive audience

Instagram also offers a feature known as Instagram Live Shopping that allows businesses to tag products the moment they go live. This means that viewers can gain access to what you sell more quickly, however, they must be pre-approved by the platform to be included in this way.

Interacting with your public in this way helps to build confidence in the products you’re selling and helps them to decide whether they’re right for them. In every sense, you’re driving real-time demand.

To learn more, check out this resource on the benefits of Instagram shopping

Enjoy These Benefits, As Your Competitors Will Be!

The fact is that social media is very much here to stay, and with many retailers feeling the pinch right now, no avenues for additional revenue should be discounted. Social shopping represents the present and the future of retail, so you mustn’t get left behind.

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