Shopify Theme Optimization For Mobile Users

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By Gavin Write
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In our line of work, we are often involved in creating highly optimized eCommerce Shopify stores. Shopify theme optimization is something that we are engaged in on a regular basis and so we understand the need for website mobile usability.

In the majority of cases, websites are designed and built from the desktop or laptop view. Statistics show that over 85% of Americans shop via their mobile devices. What this means is that a wide array of different mobile device sizes, processor speeds, and screen types will be a large role in the experience a site visitor has. Making the user experience seamless is vital to keep customers returning and increase your brand revenue. 

We look at why Shopify theme mobile optimization is a crucial aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Mobile Optimization For Your Shopify Store

There are many variables that influence how successful your Shopify store is, such as SEO, loading speed, UI/UX, etc. However, if your Shopify theme isn't optimized for mobile users, customers may have a negative experience which will lead them to exit your website.

Making your eCommerce website mobile view easy to read, navigate, and click will leave mobile users with a better experience which may entice them to return to your store. 

Avoid trying to ‘over-innovate’ with your website design. A simple and easy-to-use mobile design is ideal. Stick to the principles of keeping things intuitive and relatively basic to ensure you don’t create unnecessary friction in the process.

To learn more about web design for mobile eCommerce, check out this resource on marketing and design optimization for mobile users. 

Integrate Easy-Checkout Options

Mobile Device Displaying Shopify Theme Easy Checkout

Something else that will enhance the mobile experience your Shopify store offers are intuitive ‘easy-checkout’ apps. The easier you can make it for people to buy from you, the more sales you’ll get.

Two popular Shopify easy-checkout apps are:

    • Shop Pay - Created and owned by Shopify, Shop Pay is a great, one-click payment option that saves payment information for quicker purchases in the future. This option allows you to offer more ways for your customers to pay.

  • Amazon Pay - Amazon Pay allows users to use the same payment details saved with their Amazon account. It even allows people to buy from you by voice, through applications like Alexa.

The mistake that many eCommerce store owners make is to send customers to an external, 3rd party payment gateway. The problem with doing this is that it makes the experience disjointed and can lead to the abandonment of the order entirely. 

To learn more Shopify store design tips, check out this resource on best practices to enhance your Shopify store design.  

Avoid Long Forms Of Data Collection

The more convoluted and long-winded the buying process is, the more likely it is that the sale won’t be completed. Including long, complicated forms to fill out won’t fit in too well with your Shopify theme optimization for mobile.

Sure, you’ll get more user data by employing more data collection techniques, but at what cost? Reducing the steps between your customer and what they want to buy is the only sensible way to go.

Reach Out To Shopify CRO Experts For Help

Shopify Theme CRO Agency Team Working On UI/UX Wireframes On Paper

Optimizing your Shopify eCommerce store can be a large task to take on. Reaching out to Shopify CRO experts can help you tap into a wealth of expertise developed over years of creating great website user experiences.

An expert conversion rate optimization agency will get to work on analyzing your mobile experience. They’ll use their knowledge to create a simple theme that works both aesthetically and functionally.

CRO is only a small part of the process, but it’s a crucial one, as it’s something that turns visitors into paying customers. The budget you spend on experts of this kind will be paid back in increased sales, enhanced customer experience, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Oftentimes, there’s just a small element that’s holding back an eCommerce store on mobile, like a sticky menu that prevents users from having to scroll up and down continuously. It’s a small element that CRO experts will notice and act quickly to enhance the user experience.

Shopify CRO Experts & So Much More

If you’re a Shopify eCommerce store owner and you need help in improving your sales and user experience, the Eventige team is here to help. With years of combined experience in all forms of digital marketing and website development, you’re in very good hands.

So, if you feel like you need some assistance in the mobile experience your store offers or anything else, get in touch with out Shopify experts today. We’re waiting to help take your store to the next level and beyond.

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