5 Quick Improvements Shopify Experts Use to Grow Brands

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By Gavin Write
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Shopify is currently one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world. It features easy customization options, a simple checkout process, SEO-friendly pages, and more. But even with all of these built-in features, growing your store and scaling it takes experience, tools, and continuous marketing efforts.

Are you currently partnering or considering working with a Shopify agency? If so, here are five proven agency approaches to help your eCommerce website increase visibility, improve UI/UX, gain new customers and grow your brand.

1. Utilize On-Page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimizing internal elements on your websites, such as page speed and keyword density, and not external factors like backlinks or ranking authority.

For example, getting your site or product in the coveted first position on Google, search results will double the average CTR (about 39.6%) compared to the second-place position. Second place receives just 18.4%, and the third position receives only 10.1% CTR.

On-page SEO is critical because it dictates how search engines evaluate your content. The Shopify agency must ensure that your page content is optimized for the chosen keywords to increase search engine ranking.

So how do the agencies push your website and products to the top of Google’s, Yahoo’s, and Bing’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)?

Here are some of the common strategies SEO agencies use:

  • Perform on-page site auditing

  • Use on-site web analytics tools

  • Increase website loading speed
  • Optimize meta titles and descriptions

  • Improve header tags and landing page
  • Conduct keyword research and mapping

  • Improve images and content optimization

  • Improve website architecture and internal links

Some industry-leading on-page tools they utilize are SEOCrawler, Ahrefs, Copyscape, Screaming Frog, Google Page Speed Insight Tool, and Moz On-Page Grader.

2. Add Fast-Checkout Options

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What is your current abandoned cart rate? Across the eCommerce industry, the average abandoned cart rate is an appalling 69.5%. There are various reasons shoppers leave their carts, but a slow checkout process is a significant factor.

The agency understands that your website must have a clear and concise checkout process optimized for mobile devices and desktops to prevent customers from walking away.

These are some of the most popular fast-checkout options for eCommerce stores that they might recommend for your business:

  • Amazon Pay: A fast and secure online payment service with an Amazon login

  • AfterPay: A buy now pay later payment platform for financing purchases
  • Shop Pay: An accelerated checkout for Shopify stores and online sellers

  • PayPal: An online payment system for sending and receiving money

A survey of 2,584 shoppers reported that 26% abandoned their carts simply because checking out took too long. Simplifying the checkout process dramatically improves retention.

3. Run Google Ads & Social Paid Advertising

An agency incorporates a Google Ads campaign so that shoppers can find your brand when searching for information, products, and services on Google. This powerful marketing tool drives significant numbers of customers seeking what you have to your website.

With the Google Ads platform, you can place ads on the network and reach customers through search results, third-party websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Another practical advertising approach is social paid advertising, a.k.a. social media advertising or social media targeting. Paid social advertisement targets potential customers on social media platforms using their personal information to provide highly-relevant ads. Social advertising significantly enhances conversions and sales at a lower cost.

Some of the methods agencies use are:

  • Linking Shopify Catalog to Google Shopping

  • Using Retargeting Systems to Bring Users Back
  • Promoting Sales and Limited Time Offers via PPC
  • Adding Ads to Instagram and Facebook with Offer

Your goals, target audience, and objectives will determine the answer. To achieve brand visibility or build a social following, social media ads will help. If you want leads, sales, or other revenue, Google Search Ads efficiently attract people at the bottom of the funnel. Make sure your digital advertising agency knows your goals and what your target audience wants.

To learn more about eCommerce social media ads, check out this resource on everything to know about social media advertising. 

4. Optimize Theme Design & UX

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Think of a Shopify theme as a racecar that carries your shoppers and their carts to the finish line. An agency is the mechanic who makes your theme run faster, smoother, and with fewer breakdowns.

Optimizing an eCommerce site and improving user experience is about making shopping fun and easy. It gets complicated when omnichannel stores must provide a consistent experience, look, and features across their other outlets.

To help improve a store’s design, an agency will help you remove barriers to conversion and ensure that search results show relevant products. Other optimizations include and promote popular items on the homepage. Shopify marketers keep navigation simple by limiting the number of options for the page.

Other techniques include:

  • Removing Barriers To Conversion by Simplifying the Checkout Process

  • Improving User Experience by Making Products Easier to Find
  • Removing Confusing Pages and Unnecessary Content

  • Eliminating Poor Quality Images or Text

An agency can help streamline your store to increase customer satisfaction and sales. To learn more about eCommerce conversion rate optimization, check out this resource on how customer experience can increase conversion rates. 

5. Use Email Marketing Automations

Email generates the highest average conversion rate for Shopify stores, at 4.29%. To grow a store’s email list faster and maximize the benefits, we recommend a Klaviyo and Shopify integration.

Klaviyo is a robust email marketing solution. Its true advantage lies in the customer data it collects. You can use the data to target specific groups or individuals based on various metrics and shopping behaviors. It integrates with Shopify seamlessly and is easy to use.

Whether you choose Klaviyo or another ESP (Email Service Provider), they improve email automation such as:

  • Optimizing Flows

  • Abandoned Carts and Upsells

  • Incentivizing Loyal Customers and VIPs

  • Creating Lists, Segments, and Personalizing Emails

  • Connecting Email to Retargeting Systems

Email automation is the best way to keep in touch with prospects, understand their needs, and convert them into loyal customers.

Getting Help Growing Your Brand

eCommerce companies are increasingly using digital marketing agencies to grow their brand awareness, build a customer base, and get a higher ROI, as opposed to traditional marketing methods.

Growing your brand on Shopify requires continuous effort. Reputable Shopify agencies have the experienced teams, tools, and knowledge to support the constantly changing eCommerce landscape.

A marketing agency that specializes in Shopify can be an asset that will multiply your return on investment. Their focus will be to help gain more sales and grow your brand to stand above your competition

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